Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

Hey Thorne Fam!

This past week has been a very long, rough week. We had a lot of unexpected things happen and a lot of disappointments. But through it all, Sister Brian and I have set a goal that though we may get disappointed, we will never get discouraged. There is a big difference between those two words. Elder Holland teaches us in Preach My Gospel that we should definitely be disappointed when our investigators don't keep their commitments, but that we should never let that disappointment discourage us. It's so important to ever trust in the Lord. He will work everything out. :)

This week we have been putting a lot of our efforts into finding. We have tried to not only talk to everyone, but to do so in a way that our Savior would. To be sweetly bold in letting them fully understand the importance of the message we have. As we have done so this week, we have found 2 new investigators. One of which who has had a lot of contact with Latter-Day Saints in the past and is very curious in wanting to learn more! We know that she has been prepared for our message and we pray that we can be obedient and bind the Lord to fulfill His promises and help her enter the waters of baptism. 

My testimony this week is on a very interesting subject. Sister Brian and I prayed very fervently when we set our goals during weekly planning to know what the Lord's goal was for us this week. As we prayed the only words that came to my mind come from a song from Savior of the World. It says, "Trust in the Lord that He will fulfill His promises, in His due time." When I came out on my mission, my scripture for my missionary plague was Proverbs 3:5-6. Trusting God has always been something I have had a hard time with because 1) I like to be in control of the situation, 2) It's really hard for me to accept when things don't go the way I planned them and 3) I don't like to worry God with all of my problems. 2 and 3 have been solved pretty thoroughly as I have been out here on my mission, but I still struggle with 1. 

So this week, through every situation that occurs, Sister Brian and I have been letting go and putting it all in the Lord's hands. I have applied this principle to all aspects of things I have been worrying about. We have put our investigators in the Lord's hands and have trusted Him to change their hearts. I have also been very nervous for going home because I don't know what will happen and it is all in the Lord's hands. There's not much I can do or control. So it has been a very revelatory experience for me to apply this principle to every aspect of my life. When we learn to really let things go and trust in the Lord, all things will work out for our good. Whether in this life or the next. It will all be okay. Always. :)

As for your email:
1) Haha ditto on the timing Mum! I told Brit. Timing wise, 1/4 of your mission is in the MTC, 1/4 is the first 12 weeks, 1/4 is the last 6 weeks and 1/4 is all the rest! haha! 
2) Thanks for organizing everything! You have more to tell me next week?.... That makes me nervous.... Is any of it negative? XP
3) I agree with Mom on your letters Brit. They inspire me! You are such an amazing missionary! I told President Brough all about you and sent him part of your first email. He said he is also very impressed with you. You are doing amazing work sweetheart. :)
4) LOVE the cardboard cut outs! :D
5) Sounds like everyone had at least one fun thing to do this week! So glad that everyone is safe and creating adventures! I'm sure Josh and Mandy's choir sounds amazing! I can't wait to hear them! :D

Love you all so much!!!!

Love always,
Sister Thorne

PS Brit, I have still been sending you a letter a week. If you haven't been getting them, I am hoping they are at the mission office. If you get there and they aren't there, will you let me know? Thanks!
 A cookie in the shape of Kentucky!!! LOVE it!
 I think this is an alien. We found it on the road. I didn't think caterpillar's get this big so my vote is alien or parasite.
Kelly and Margaret (non members, but their daughter in New Hampshire is a member) took us out to Malone's to eat! Talk about fancy schmancy! I will probably never eat at a fancy restaurant like that ever again. It was so cool!

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