Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013

Hey Thorne Fam! 

What a crazy week right??? It's been a pretty stressful and difficult week. But amazingly enough, I'm really not doing that bad. One night, I think it was Tuesday this past week, I was sitting on the couch and I just started crying. I was so overwhelmed, stressed and heavy. I just couldn't do it anymore. I got down on my knees and just bore my entire heart out to my Savior. At that moment, a specific memory came to my mind. It was of the YW lifewalk. I remember walking up the huge mountain picking up some rocks from this pile and adding them to my backpack. Then I got to the top of the mountain carrying my super heavy backpack full of rocks. Then, just as I crested the hill, I remember seeing the life size picture of the Savior with His arms open. I remember Leslie Jones coming up to me saying, "Drop your burdens at His feet." That sentence came to my mind at that moment of complete sorrow. "Drop your burdens at His feet. Drop your burdens at His feet." So I started my prayer over again and begged the Savior to take these burdens off of my back. Take this away. Let me go back to being happy. Let me focus on missionary work. I went to bed, slept peacefully and woke up with more energy and happiness than I have had all this transfer. All of my burdens were gone. As each day goes along, I accumulate more burdens and every night I drop them off at His feet again. Since then, I have been so happy. Each day is a new adventure and I have found a new perspective on missionary work. So really, I am doing good. :) 

As for Sister Junk, just so you all know, she is going home. She has had extreme anxiety and depression and can't do this anymore. She should be going home either this week or the next. She is very sad to go, but has prayed about it and feels that Heavenly Father understands her decision and is still proud of the work she has been able to accomplish. As am I. I will keep you updated on the changes. 

For investigators this week, we found 10 new investigators. They are: Kimberely, Tasha, Tosha, Michelle, Angie, Angela, Jason, Tammy, Magenta and Nikita. The ones that I see serious potential in are Kimberely, Angie, Angela, Tammy and Nikita. We are meeting with each of these people at least once this week. We have return appointments with everyone on Tuesday (tomorrow). From there, we are going to try to meet with them again on Friday/Saturday. By the end of this week, my goal is to have 8 of the 10 attend church, all of them progressing and have each one of them set a baptismal date. We set one with Tammy already for July 6. She is a former and has been to church numerous times, she just needs to quit smoking and she can be baptized. So we are teaching her the 15 step program on Tuesday. Our other baptismal date is Lor Ryn, who was being taught by the Elders but got handed off to us. We met her officially this past week and will be seeing her again tonight. We are hoping to confirm her bap date at that point. 

As for your email:

It was so awesome to see you as well Sunday! :D I can't even tell you how overjoyed I feel. I basically felt like I was walking on clouds all afternoon and evening. I still feel like that! I loved seeing all of your beautiful faces and that awesome surprise of seeing Hillary! That was totally legit! To be able to see you, to talk to each of you individually, to get updated on your life, to see each of your smiles, to know that you are all happy and safe. :) That will definitely hold me over for the next 7 months. :) 

Thanks for all the pics! I love each and every single one of them. Especially the one of gorgeous Ali and beautiful Kadi and Kaizi. What incredible amazing friends I have been blessed with and how wonderful to see how life is progressing for them. Sometimes I forget that everyone back at home are still going on with their lives. It just seems like everything back home will be put on pause until I come home, but alas, that isn't the case. :P  

Thank you so much for Nick's post. That made me so happy inside. I still haven't heard anything from him. So it was good to know that I haven't been completely forgotten by my big bro. haha :) not really, I know he'll always love me no matter what happens. But it really means a lot to know that I am still being a good example to those back home. I will never let down the names I represent on my tag: Thorne, Jesus Christ and The Church.

Brit: I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Just seeing your beautiful, gorgeous stunning face and the bright light of Christ in your eyes. It gives me the courage and strength to keep going. I think of you every day and when I get down I think, "I am the first of many. I'm going to be a strong good example for my little sister." Then I pick myself up and I move on. Thank you for always being there and making the hard choices. Have fun. Go on a mission. Live life. Enjoy college. Make memories. Have adventures. And of course, make good choices. Number 1 rule!

Manda-Lou: Thank you so much for your letter. It was so wonderful to hear from you and even better to see your face. I told Sister Junk that the first thing I thought when I got off skype was "Wow, Mandy is growing into a beautiful Young Woman." You are maturing and following the right path. Just make sure to never stray from it. Remember who you are and who you value. Always put family first. Always. Never ever let anyone come between you and family. That happens way too much in the world and that is exactly what Satan wants. Don't let him get you. Love you beautiful! *secret handshake* 

Josh: I got your letter this morning! Thanks so much dudie! I am so glad you are doing well in life and progressing. That's my boy. Honor that priesthood and have fun! 

Brandon: How's my lil boy? It was so fun to see your face! I'm so sorry about your Thor hammer. I wish I could do something to help. Just remember that I love you and I'll never forget you.  

I pray for you all every day. Be good! 

Till next week,

Sister Thorne
 Missionaries over for P-day lunch at Sister Hughlett's house.
 Jasper Indiana North Elders and South Sisters.
 The outside of our quaint apartment.
 Roaches at the bottom of a drawer.
 Our elders teaching a goose. :)
 I'll GO where you want me to go.
The beautiful rolling hills of Jasper, IN.

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