Monday, May 6, 2013

May 6, 2013 (no pics again)

Hey Thorne Fam!

So yes, I am in Jasper, Indiana. My mission is the south of Jasper all the way down to Dale. My new companion is Sister Junk from Ogden, Utah. Sis Earl and I got a ride down to Transfers with Sister Robinson from Evansville. Then, Sis Earl drove back up with her two new companions and Sis Robinson. Sis Junk and I got a brand new car and we drove up to Jasper. Sister and Elder Halvorsen (two of our senior missionaries who work in the mission office) came and set up our apartment before we got to Jasper. The Jasper North Elder got us a couch so when we came we had beds, some utensils and cooking tools, oatmeal, hot chocolate and two desks. By "opening a new area" I mean that we are going into an area that has previously been basically untouched. The Jasper North Elders (previously just the Jasper Elders) covered all the way from Odon, Indiana to Dale, Indiana. Since it was such a large area, they mostly just stayed up to the north. Now, their area has been split in half so they are the Jasper North Elders and we are the Jasper South Sisters. We get a new area book and basically start from scratch. So this week we deep cleaned our house (we kind of have a roach problem) for 2 days and then we spent the rest of the week mapping out our area. So seeing what cities we cover, getting maps of the counties we are in (Dubois County, Pike County, Spencer County and Warrick County) and then getting any records that the Elders had that are now in our area and figuring our where they live and trying to visit them. Does that make sense? 

Also, crazy coincidence (not a coincidence though), Sister Olivia Horlacher from my YSA ward came in this transfer with my new companion Sister Junk. So I got to see her at transfer meeting. Not only that, Sis Junk and Sis Horlacher were MTC companions! Crazy right? It's so crazy how the Lord prepares everyone. 

As for Sis Junk, she is awesome. She is 20 like me and just a month younger than me. She has such a strong testimony. She went to Bonneville High and was a cheerleader her senior year. She is majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences at Utah State and got a year and a half of school done before coming out. She is the 4th of 6 kids and... *drumroll* craziest coincidence, her brother is companions with Elder Ryan Woodard in the Tampa, Florida Mission! CRAZY RIGHT?!?! We could barely believe it. I was just floored. So yep, that's Sister Junk.  

As for this week, we were able to get 2 new investigators: Pauly and Jessica, mother and daughter. They are both amazing. Jessica has lived through a brain tumor and Pauly is going through cancer now. But each have seen great miracles and have a very strong faith in God. Our only problem is that they don't believe in organized religion. We have met with Jessica twice but Pauly only once, she got sick and wasn't able to meet with us the second time. Jessica said that she wants to explore this religion on her own but we got her to agree to let us call her on Friday and we will probably stop by sometime this week to check up on her. 

I'm not gonna lie, please keep praying for me. This week has been the hardest and most discouraging of my mission thus far. By far. It's been so hard to keep going every day. But somehow I do. The Savior provides the strength. The hardest part is that Jasper is very very VERY catholic. Like hardcore. So we have had a lot of rude people and it's only been week 1. Please pray for the people here. Thanks. 

So yep. That's been this week. It's been awesome to get an update from you all. Especially to see the picture of little Kaizi. That seriously made my day. I have been so worried about her. I'm very grateful that Kadi is safe and all went well. Please give her my congratulations.  

For people who wrote me this week, this was actually the first week I didn't get any letter from anyone. But oh well. :) If you all would, please write Sister Junk a letter tonight and send them ASAP. She has been really struggling and the first week is always the hardest. I'm sure that would brighten her day. Thank you! 

For the AFCU statement: My tennis shoes broke and I had some problems with my feet two weeks ago. We talked to Sis Woodbury and she suggest buying shoes with more support in them. That fixed it and my feet don't hurt so badly anymore. Could you please transfer some money from savings to checking. I'm looking at a bike at walmart right now that looks really nice and is still pretty cheap. I think I may get it next week. I'll just have enough.

Phrase of the week: "which way is up"- to put someone to rights. i.e. He was into some bad stuff but then I told him which way was up and he fixed himself right up. 

Advice of the week: Rely on the atonement. I could have never gotten through this week if I didn't know that my Savior understood exactly what I was going through. He understood and because of Him, I knew that I wasn't alone. Find ways in your life where you can apply the atonement more directly.
Till next week, Sister Thorne
P.S. Also, with Mother's Day next Sunday. I will be on Skype. We have a family set up to got to. President is really strict about only spending 30-40 minutes on your call so my idea is to spend the first 5 min saying hi to everyone then spend 5 min individually with each family member so that I have a little alone time with each one of you. Then spend 5 min saying goodbye. I should be able to get on anytime from noon to 7 eastern time so I'm open from 10-5 your time. But the good news is that Sis Junk should be calling you all the night before to confirm our appointment and get my skype information. So it will all work out. Talk to you Sunday! 

New address: 675 Giesler Rd Apt #211, Jasper, IN, 47546 

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