Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013 (No pictures this week)

Hey mum and daddy,  

I wanted to let you know before I write my email for the week that we got news about transfers. I am being transferred to Jasper, Indiana on Tuesday where I will open an area and train a new companion. So I will be getting a greenie! And opening an area! And I only 6 weeks old. I am completely overwhelmed at the moment and more terrified than I have ever been in my life. But I am trusting in the Lord. Proverbs 3 right? So wish me luck! You'll get your full email in a bit.

Your little girl and soon-to-be-a-mom

Mom's response: 

Oh honey, that’s awesome! I really felt like you were going to train someone right away. You are just so ready. You left for your mission more prepared than most missionaries who have been out for several months. You are going to do great! 

Yes, trust the Lord. And yourself. 

Dad's response:

That is awesome news! You will do great and I have almost as much confidence in you as you Father in Heaven does! :-) You have prepared your whole life for this and with the help from above, you can do anything! Plus, Sister Earl has prepared you well from what I can tell in your letters.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart... HE WILL direct you for good... :-) 

Love you lots,
Dear Family, 

What. A. Week! I have felt off all week and I couldn't figure out why until we got transfer calls. It's because the Lord was preparing me to make the transition from Evansville to Jasper and from student to teacher. It's been an overwhelming transition but more on that later.

As for our investigators:
Trina and her daughter were doing wonderfully this week! We had an incredible lesson on the restoration this past week and the spirit just enveloped the room. We watched the 20 min restoration movie and she was really touched. Her daughter didn't come in to watch it so we are questionable on her... but we are really excited for Trina. But then on Sunday, we called right before church and they said that everything had been going wrong and they were going to try and make it but they would be late. We waited and waited but they never came.... so we will check up on that ASAP. This week for Trina we will be focusing on setting a firm baptismal date with her and her dsughter.  

The Savannah and her 2 daughters are doing AWESOME! We had a great lesson with them this week. We took them on a church tour Tuesday night (Summer wasn't able to come) and then sat and talked in the chapel for like an hour and a half after. Sis Earl talked to one of the daughters and I talked to the other. We finally go through to them both! AH! We also set a baptismal date with the daughter I talked to. It was so powerful and so amazing. Then, on Sunday, all three of them came to church and they are planning on coming next week. I told the daughter that Mandy wanted a pen pal and she said she doesn't write much but she would love to email Mandy and get to know her. So I was wondering if I could get Mandy's email and I'll forward it to her and then see what happens. She's has asked me if I've gotten the email maybe 5 times already this week so she is really excited to meet Mandy. Every other month sounds good to me. 

Also good news, we picked Quinn back up to progressing! We were finally able to contact him two days ago. We stopped in and he happened to be home. So we set up a time for Sunday night to meet with him, his wife Kate and a member, Erin. That lesson went really well. We are going to meet with them later on this week and hopefully get both of them to church Sunday. Kate was in and out of the lesson getting kids to bed so we weren't completely sure if she was progressing or not. We will hope to get her there by next week.

Finally, Tina is amazing. We had a member present with her and Sister Rhodes this past week. We seriously sat there and maybe said 2 sentences. Apparently, Sis Rhodes knew Tina when they were younger!!! They really connected and Tina was able to see how much of a change has come upon Sis Rhodes from when they knew each other (back before Sis Rhodes was baptized). The spirit was very powerful and Sis Rhodes is an amazing teacher. She shared her testimony with great power and authority. We are excited to teach with her again this Sunday.

We had a really good week. We had a great FHE with the Moon girls and I think we made a breakthrough with Ali. We made a breakthrough with her this week. We had an FHE with them Monday night and played board games. It was just fun and she talked to us! It was so great! I think she is figuring out that we are honestly friends and we really do love her.

I am very.... excited and terrified for this coming week. I will be in an area I don't know with someone who expects me to know everything. I have felt very inadequate and overwhelmed. I feel so small and definitely not ready for this big step that is be required of me. Sis Earl was amazing. She immediately knew what I needed. So we contacted the Newburgh Car Elders and I got a priesthood blessing that night. It was exactly what I needed to calm my heart, mind and soul. I am still very scared, but I am not fearful. I have faith that my Older Brother will get me to where I and He needs me to be. I know He loves me more than I could ever understand and He has me in His hands. "Fear thou not, for I am with thee. Doubt not, for I am thy God". Isaiah 41:10. Grammy's scripture. She is with me.

As for your letter: Thanks for using y'all! It really makes me feel at home actually. :) As for transfers, I already told Mum and Daddy, but I am being transferred. This Tuesday I will go to transfer meeting and pick up a new greenie. Then I and her will drive to Jasper, Indiana to start our next big adventure. I know crazy right? I am going to be training. And I haven't even finished my 12 weeks of training. Not only that, I am opening a new area with her. So it will be like this transfer all over again. I know that I cannot do it. But I also know that the Lord can and with Him by my side, I can do all things. Also with transfers. That means I won't know what my new address is until next Monday. So for now, please send anything to the mission address. The 1325 Easter Parkway one. Then next week I'll tell you my new address so you can get things to me that way.

As for Sister Earl, she will be staying in Evansville and she will be training 2 new missionaries!!! She is going to be amazing. Those missionaries are very lucky. 

It's great to hear about each of the kids individually! I like that format a lot. Could you keep that? As for Brit, I will email her in a bit. For the other kids:

Mandy: let me tell you a little something about the ward here in Evansville. It has 4 Young Women. Period. 2 beehives, 1 mia maid 1 laurel. They never do individual activities. They never do individual lessons. It's really hard on them. They are some amazing girls. So please make sure you give your Young Women's a chance. Give them a million chances. Christ said to forgive your brother even 7 times 70 times. I know they may be difficult to get along with and they may not be ideal. But you are so very very blessed to be in Utah where you are. You have a big beautiful Young Women's program and very active involved leaders (love you Kristie!!!) Never take that for granted. Also for Mandy, Mariah would really love to email you. You asked me for a foreign pen pal and she doesn't like writing letters and she's American.... but I really think this could be a cool missionary experience for you and she is so super psyched to talk to you. She's asked me for your email like 5 times this week already. Mom gave it to me so I will give it to her tonight. Look for that! 

Josh: Good job on your play! I love the picture! You look amazing. :) As for the priesthood, kind of what was said above. They have 10 young men in the ward. So hearing about 15 in the deacons quorum kind of blew my mind for a little till I remembered "Oh. Right. They're in Utah." haha :) Don't take a single second for granted buddy! And don't forget to write about it all in your journals. 

Brandon: Sounds like you are doing awesome dudie! I love and miss you SO much! Keep being a good boy for mom and dad okay?  

I got an awesome email from Kadi so I knew her little girls name. I am very happy to hear that she is doing better though. I will continue to keep her in my prayers. I'm sorry about the stress for Ragnar and the house. Keep going! It will get better! 

Phrase of the week: pitch: to throw away. Don't worry, I'll just pitch it in the garbage.

Advice: "Fear thou not, My Child." Those two added words onto the first part of Isaiah 41:10 came to my mind as I was really struggling with transfers. We are His children. Any perfect father would not leave us alone. Trust in his perfect love and charity. Trust completely.

More next week! Love eternally,
Sister Thorne
P.S. 1 transfer down, 12 to go!!! :D

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