Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15, 2013

Hey Mom!
It has been such an awesome week! Sister Earl had some great inspiration last week to start tracting in the poorer neighborhoods instead of the bigger houses. So we've been focusing on that and seen success like I have never imagined! People are so much nicer and even if they don't want to let us in, they at least talk to us, instead of slamming the door in our faces. It has seriously helped so much. We've found some amazing investigators this way.
Trina is still doing awesome. She didn't come to church this past Sunday so we'll have to move her baptismal date. I think the main thing that kept her from church was the dress. She said she hadn't worn a dress in years. So we will talk to her this week more about how it is optional. For her daughter we are breaking down walls. She is much more open with us and we are making a really good relationship with her. She had an asthma attack Saturday night so she wasn't able to attend church either. But her, Trina and the other daughter should all be coming next week.
The next group is Savannah and her two daughters. They are an amazing family. Savannah is a great mom and does everything she can to have the best for her two daughters. She loves them infinitely. Her daughters are going to a different church right now, but they are all planning on coming to church next Sunday. We have taught them a little about the restoration and the entire plan of salvation. I feel like if we focus on families, we will really be able to click with them. We are also working on getting them involved in Young Women's.
We also got a great referral from the Elder's about Quinn and his wife Kate. We have only met Kate once and we missed Quinn but then HE called US back and apologized for missing us and explained that he is really excited to meet with us Monday (today). He has a lot of potential.
The last one is Jerry. He is an older man and a little slower. But he has such a sweet spirit. He is trying to quit smoking so we are going to go over the 15 step plan this week when we meet with him. I haven't quite figured out how to connect with him yet, but I will work on that this next week.
No word from Blaine.... none at all... :( Thank you for praying for them. They need it. :) It's wonderful to think that we are all united in our prayers to help the Evansville area.
I'm glad to hear that all is going well with the family!
I got the music and it was perfect! My little egg plant got here whole and is now growing in a sunny corner of our cute apartment. It's makes me so happy to see it! Don’t worry about the Kolob music. You got me plenty of fun stuff to play with. I don't think we can scan.... but maybe next week I can type the letters up and get it to you?
The house is looking awesome! I can't wait for all the pictures next week! I'm so happy to hear that everyone is getting used to it. :)
As for Toby, please don't give up on him. I talk to all our investigators with dogs (most of them have at least one) about my little Toby back at home. I miss him a lot. I understand if worse comes to worst. But please do all you can. I love him very much.
Tell Brit to go for the pageant! Why not? She has the chance of getting a straight money scholarship and if she gets the weber scholarship and ends up not going oh well, she had an awesome experience in a pageant! It's totally worth it and such a learning experience. As well as very helpful for a mission and everyday life. The interviewing skills have helped me more than I could count! Don't give up the opportunity to try it. You never know if you might regret it years down the road. :) Plus it's just fun to tell people that you were in a pageant. Their face expressions are priceless. :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!!!!! *singing happy birthday song at the top of my lungs* HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON!!!!!! *sings again even louder* How has birthday awesomeness been? How was Josh's ordination? I want to hear all about it. Brandon: I got your letter! I also read it to Sister Earl. I am going to try to have time to write you back today. Okay? :)
Food: we eat a lot of carbs. Breakfast is delicious. New recipe: eggo's plus butter on top plus maple syrup spread all over plus brown sugar sprinkled on top of it all. Seriously delicious. It's like a breakfast cinnamon roll pastry. You gotta try it. We basically have rice, tortillas and potatoes and then we try to do stuff with them as much as we can. It's not much variety but it's cheap! We don't have much meat, but it says sparingly in the Word of Wisdom so we're just following the word of God. Right? Right. :) We also eat a lot of fruit. Yum! The food here is super normal. We get fed by the members about 1 a week. I haven't had any weird meals. The weirdest I've had was Japanese Curry this past week and then Green jello with strawberries and pears in it a couple weeks ago. It was all delicious though so no worries. :) We have a local Wal-Mart so food isn't expensive. We get the $.88 loaf of great value bread at Wal-Mart and the cheapest gallon of milk. We basically get a lot of great value stuff. It's seriously cheap! There is also a Sam's Club but we don't have memberships.
Tell Flower I said Hi and I love him muchly! Tell him keep up the hard work and I hope to see him out here soon!
As for mission calls, I hadn't heard most of those so AWESOME!!! Also.... *drum roll please*... CAMERON GOT HIS CALL!!!!! He is going to Resistencia Argentina Spanish Speaking. He leaves May 22nd. Crazy right?! I am so proud of him and the work he has made to get to this point.
Tell Brit she had better write me soon because I wanna know what's going on! I can't receive video clips so oh well there. And I'm sure they'll all do awesome in their respective plays.
As for Mandy: I have sent a little message to each person but her so HI! I hope your week is going awesome and I miss you so much! I hope you've had fun with Lindsey and you should really look up her profile on K? k. Love you!
I think that's all for this week.
Phrase of the week: piller said like it sounds. I have a fluffy piller on my bed. It is really soft to sleep on. Yes, I did hear that one used. Basically for any "ow" sound, replace "er" and you'll have a pretty good Kentucky accent. Or so says Sister Earl.
Advice of the week: Take one day at a time. It's been really frustrating to me to look at my progress and think of how far I've come but then look at Sister Earl and see how far I still have to go. I feel very inadequate at times. But I've had to realize that I am really only in my first transfer. I've only been in the mission field for a month! So I take one day at a time and have patience that the Lord will get me to where I need to be.
And please thank Grandpa Ralph for the package. The food was very delicious and we loved the chocolates. It made me so happy to get something from him and Mary. Also thank the Duffins for their really fun letters! And Grandma Kathy. I love getting her updates. Pics will follow!

The Church is True!
Love always,
Sister Thorne
My awesome bruise from playing volleyball with the Hermanas!
Eating Grandpa's Ferrero Rocher's

My first exchange with Sister Mickelsen
A turtle for Kadi and Llamas for Cameron

Going to the Zoo for service! 
My apartment!

 My little egg

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