Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

Hey Thorne Fam!

Another week down! This week has been really long but I know that's because this next week is going to be incredible.

First off, I loved interviews! President and Sister Woodbury do such a wonderful job on knowing and individually loving each missionary. I know they care and love me personally. They are such incredibly people.

As for our progressing investigators:
First is Trina and her daughter. They came to church this past Sunday!!! They also brought Trina's other daughter. They have a lot of good questions and I am really excited to continue to meet with them. We are planning to meet with them tonight to really discuss how church went.

Next is the Moon girls. We only included 2 of them in progressing this week. The other is not actively participating. I feel like we're not engaging or connecting with her. But I'm not exactly sure how to change that.... we are having an FHE Board Game night with them tonight. Maybe just being friends with her tonight will really help us to gain more of her trust and she'll want to be more engaged. If you have any ideas to help, please feel free to let me know.

Finally, there's the Dillworth family. That includes the mom and her two daughters. They are absolutely phenomenal. We were worried about one of the daughters because she didn't seem engaged. Well, this past week she wrote us a letter with 9 different church questions ranging from "Do you have to go back home? Can you visit us after your mission?" to "How do you know if you are going to Heaven or Hell?" That night we quickly wrote back a 9 page letter answering all her questions. She went to her church camp this weekend but we are hoping to talk to her about her questions this week. As for the other daughter, she has really connected to and trusts us. Now we just need to get her to open up about gospel subjects. That's where she gets shy again. The mom is awesome. She is reading and praying frequently. She wanted to come to church Sunday but wasn't able to make it. We will try for next week.

We also got 4 new investigators this week. I'll keep you updated as we meet with and get to know them more this week. 

Next, responses to your email. We are always careful in those areas Mum. No worries. We make sure to have appointments at night so we are not walking about and we always ALWAYS listen to the spirit. He will keep us safe. I have complete trust in Him. 

We have talked to the YW president about the girls and she has been amazing. When we finally get them to come and be involved she will be there to welcome them in. It's really hard because they only have 4 active YW right now, (be thankful for the YW's you all have!!! Seriously!) but we are planning on changing that. :) 

As for our diet, we actually got soy protein powder at walmart this morning so we make sure to keep up on our diet. I also eat yogurt every morning with breakfast so I can get my protein and some fruit in there. See! I'm being healthy! :)

As for mission calls: that's SO amazing!!! Every week there are more! And Jarom's is especially cool. Maybe he and Hillary will be in the same zone or district some time together! It's always awesome to see people from home, even from the same county. It's pretty crazy. 

I'm so glad Toby is doing better! I pray for him every day. Which sounds weird... but I love him and God loves what I love so He loves him too. :D 

YAY BRITNEY!!!! I am so proud of all you are doing right now! You sound super busy! The pageant is going to be so amazing. You will have to keep me updated on how everything goes. Too bad I can't do it with you. But I'm kind of in a pageant of my own. A missionary pageant. Hmm... I'll have to ponder that analogy further. Good job on Footloose! I knew you would be the best. I tell everyone out here that my sister has the best voice on the planet. I know you do. And you looked absolutely stunning for Cotillion. Did you all plan on matching? Tell all the girls that I love and miss them so much and I hope they join me out in the field as soon as possible!!! Haha 

Sister Earl and I are both praying for Kadi. Please keep me updated on that each week. I pray for guardian angels to protect each one of you and my friends by name every night. Grammy is there I know it. 

Congrats Mandy on violin! That is SO SUPER exciting! I know you are a complete natural at it and Emily is going to be amazed by your talent. I am so proud of you. Violin is an amazing skill to have. Keep working at it okay?

The pictures were so much fun! I can't wait to see more of the beautiful home next week.
Word of the week: y'all. My new favorite phrase in the English language. I have officially gotten into the habit of saying it and I hope I never leave it. That phrase has grown near and dear to my heart.

Advice for the week: enjoy the chapel. I think that sometimes we take the feeling of the chapel for granted. But next time you go to the church, spend some time in there quietly pondering. Take note of any thoughts that pop into your mind. The chapel is a very special room and it has an amazing feeling in it.
I think that's all for this week! Talk to y'all later! (I sincerely hope you all start using it too. That would just make my day.)
The church is true!

Love always,
Sister Thorne
P.S. You remember League of their Own? Ya, the baseball park that that was mostly filmed at is in Evansville, IN. It's about 5 miles away from me. I want to try and go on a p-day to take some pictures for you. You should look it up. I thought of you when a member told me about it.
 Using the force with the Rubics cube
Playing in the pouring rain. Utah don't get rain like that. 
 My chocolate experiment. We got a bunch of the dollar chocolates and I tried them all with my apparently new taste buds. You'll be proud. I loved them all! Today we got Dove chocolate. Mmmm... so delicious....
Making faces
Me, Sister Rhodes and Sister Earl. Sister Rhodes is a convert of 5 years (as of last week!) She is taking temple prep classes and should be going to do baptisms for the dead for the first time this next week. She has such a radiant light and we love her to death. :)

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