Monday, April 8, 2013

April 8, 2013

Hey Mom and Dad!

First to Dad, yes I got the statement. Thank you SO much! That really helped! As for me, I didn't make it through Come, Come Ye Saints or the very last song you sang (can't remember which one) because I realized that that was the last time I would see you till Mother's Day. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be.

In response to Mom, seeing Dad was both seriously awesome and seriously hard. It was like a 1 way Skype conversation! I got to see him and he got to talk (sing) to me, but I wasn't able to respond back. It was so worth it though. My entire district all looked for him. They were so supportive. I just love them all.
We watched conference as the Stake Center on Covert Ave. Yes, we got to see all the sessions. It was SO awesome! More on it later.
Yes YW was amazing. Yes, I will also sorely miss Sister Dalton and yes I recognized the Oquirrih mountain temple. That and seeing the UTA is what made me start crying. Haha funny to think about... but it's still home.
Spring Break sounds awesome! Spring Break for the kids down here was actually the week before. So we got to meet with a lot of family's during the day and that was nice. I'm glad you got to see the Duffins! I miss them all so much! Make sure you tell them hi for me.
The house sounds like it's coming along beautifully! Only 77 week till I can see it. ;) haha I loved the pictures of the closets and I can't wait to see the rooms! That picture is SO you mom. It's beautifully stunning and will go perfectly in your room.
By the way, happy birthday to Sarah! Also, Happy birthday to James (sorry I missed yours bro), Meghan and Sarah. And..... you should be getting a package later this week. Make sure you keep it safe from the boys until their designated special days. :) The package also has all of my knee highs. Apparently Sister Woodbury says they are not allowed. I wasn't aware till Sister Earl told me. Oops!
I am so blessed to have Sister Earl and I can't imagine what I'd do if I didn't have a good trainer and first companion. I have more respect for him.
Yes weeping angles has to do with Doctor Who. Long story. haha but a good one. :)
And yes I said the quote with the right accent (I've taken to talking in a southern accent when I'm bored or in the car. It makes things more fun). And I've said it multiple times since. It makes my day every time! :D
Just for Mandy. GUESS WHAT?!?! Sister Earl and I went to the mall today and guess what song came on while we were walking down the hall??? Let me kiss you! I even knew some of who was singing at certain parts. That was Sister Earl's very first 1D song she has ever heard. The mall was so much like our one at home that it felt like at any moment you were going to run around the corner, singing and dancing to the lyrics. It definitely made me smile. I think of y'all every single day. :)
Yes, we do get the ensign and I can't wait to get the conference addition. My favorite talks were Sister Dalton's "We are Daughters of our Heavenly Father", Elder Nelson's "Catch the Wave" and Elder Anderson's missionary one as well. It's really weird how different conference is when watching it from the perspective of the missionary. Oh! I also LOVED the one from the member of the seventy... I think it was Sunday morning... about marriage. I had some really interesting revelation during it. I just love when God talks to us. It's amazing. So ya. This week has been kind of difficult but conference was exactly what I needed to pick me back up. Also, we got to watch Music and the Spoken Word Sunday! It was SO much fun! By the way, never EVER take being able to watch that every Sunday for granted. It is an incredible blessing. Even more importantly, never EVER EVER take being able to actually watch conference in SLC for granted. Some people down here try all their lives to go see it in SLC and don't get to. A trip to temple square is one that is cherished for years to come. The Salt Lake Temple is a precious blessing that few get to see. I have learned that and I don't think I will ever be able to view it the same way every again.
As for missionary experiences this week, Trina told us that the one thing keeping her from going to church was her 13 year old daughter. She went to a different church last Sunday and loved it. So this week we started teaching specifically her. We knew that she would be going to that church again this week (yesterday) and we prayed that she would be able to feel the difference. Well, Trina called us this morning and told us the she didn't like that church yesterday! She said, "It wasn't what she was expecting. She didn't like it." YES! Prayers are answered! So ya. They are going out of town from Tuesday to Friday but we will be stopping in tonight for a quick second and teaching them again Saturday. They have already agreed to come to church Sunday. I can't wait. It should be amazing!
The Moon girls came to Sunday morning session of conference and Sister Earl and I made them conference bingo. They really loved that and actually paid attention through the whole 2 hours! It was amazing to watch the spirit slowly but surely work on them. Especially when President Monson spoke.
This week has gone slowly, but I think that's pretty much it! We're halfway done with this transfer. AH! Where has the time gone? I have officially been on my mission for more than a month. (My 1 month-a-versary was April 6th). Time is flying by.
My word of the week is "pitch-in". It's like a potluck. Sentence: I heard that the Halloween party at the church is going to be a pitch-in. What are you bringing?
Advice for the week: Just roll with it. It's amazing how many curve balls will be thrown your way every day in the mission field. Most are coming from Satan, some are for learning from God and others are just from the agency of people. But they come. If we can learn to just roll with the curve balls that are thrown at us. Bend around them, matrix style if needed. God will give us the flexibility to get around them. He will help us to learn and grow and become the person He can see us being. Trust in Him. Always
The Church is True!
Till next week
Sister Thorne
Oh! 1) LOVE the pics. Made my day! 2) I am on the very edge of the middle time zone so only 1 hour ahead of you. 3) Just so you know, I run a mile every morning! I really am turning in to you! Chocolate lover and a runner. Weird.. 4) Yes, there are more pictures. I have them all on my USB. But I don't want to send that home yet. Maybe you could buy a cheap 1 GB or something and send it this week. Then I can fill it and send it back. Then we can get those to you quickly. Would that work? 5) Congrats to Brayden! and tell Zach hi from me. Tell Derek at the fun center too. Tell em I'm thinking of them and sending them a mental hug. 6) I TOTALLY VOTE DISNEY PRINCESS!!!!!!!! Can you possibly find a Belle or Rapunzel one. I'm totally them anyway. THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!!! Seriously. Go Dad! I think that's all... Talk to ya next week!
And... so sorry... could you post on fb that if anyone sent me a Dear Elder from March 14-19, I didn't get it. I didn't get any forwarded to me here once I got to Louisville so I don't know if they got lost or if I simply didn't get any during that time. I don't want someone to have written me and then I not respond so they think I'm ignoring them because that's def not the case. I want to write back to everyone I can! Anyway, thanks!
Trying an oreo for the first time. Yum! 
A beautiful sunset 
Flipping hamburger buns for dinner

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