Monday, April 1, 2013

April 1, 2013

Hey mum!

I did indeed get your package. Thank you so much! We had the peeps for our special Easter dessert and I gave Sister Earl a Reese's carrot and picture of Christ for Easter. As for packages, I need a HUGE favor. We have decided that we want to get the ward more involved. Evansville used to be the biggest ward in the stake but in the past 10 years it's gotten pretty small. So we are planning a musical fireside for (tentatively) April 28th to give the ward an activity that they can invite their nonmember friends to. Great idea right?!? Right. But... alas... I have none of my religious sheet music.... Is there any way you could copy some of that music (preferably the Kolob one not by Aaron Waite-the one I practiced a lot before I left, and some of the Aaron Waite stuff in Brit's blue binder). And any others. That would be miraculous! Then I will have something to practice and play for the musical fireside.
Sister Earl is from West Jordan. She's been out for 14 months (she only has 3 transfers left!). She said that her mom emailed her and said that Phil Johnson was your cousin. That's just what I was told. The Moon girls and Trina are progressing wonderfully! We met with Trina again this morning and taught the Plan of Salvation. She was really receptive and said that it "felt right" to her. I just love her to death. Blaine we haven't really heard from since last week... Which makes me sad. But it will be okay. He'll recognize Christ in his life and come back. Of course. :)
Brit hasn't emailed me yet but you should read this next little bit just for her. Hey sis! I want to take a second and talk just to you. Mom told me you read these at FHE and this is seriously YOUR paragraph. (Don't let anyone else get jealous, they'll get their own paragraph sometime later) :) Britney, I have prayed about you more times than I can count these past two weeks. I have grown and stretched more than I could have ever imagined and I've only been in the field for half a month! I tell each of my companions about you and how much I love you. Britney, please feel the spirit in these words. You need this. You need this experience. I have prayed and I know that you need these incredible lessons that I have learned. But not only you, but your children need this. You don't even know them yet, but they are whispering in your ear "Mom, please. Please go. We need you to become so strong so that we can learn as much as we can from you. Please." The spirit is whispering to your heart because there are people in the world who need you. They need your spirit, your testimony and your experiences. I can't stress that enough. There is a Trina out there who met you in the Premortal life and is trusting in you to find her again. So yes, I know that this is your choice. But please pray and fast fervently about it. Thanks. I love you more than I could ever write.
Anyway, haha love all y'all too! Other thoughts:

1) Thanks Mandy for your letter! It meant the world to me! I told Sister Earl all about your missionary experience and we both squealed for you. I know that as you continue to pray for them, you will have many more of these experiences. You will have the opportunity to share the gospel to so many, if only through your light and example. Keep going my little girl! And I do our handshake with ever letter I get. Just as promised.
2) Congrats Josh on all your scouts stuff! That sounds so amazing! I am so very proud of you and the choices you are making. You are going to be one amazing deacon. :)
3) I got Grandma Kathy's letter. I'm so excited for her! Tell her I pray for her always and love her lots!
4) How were all the Easter Egg hunts Brandon? Did you have fun and get lots of candy? Y'all are completely spoiled rotten I hope you know. :) It was great to see all the cousins! Tell them all hi for me and tell Justin that I am doing great and loving every second of this mission. It's harder than anything I ever done but worth every single second.
5) I also got to go to the Young Women Broadcast! The Newburgh Elders had an investigator go and asked us to look after her. That was the first time I have cried in the field. (took me two weeks! I think that's pretty good). But just looking at the conference center and knowing that my mum and sisters were watching the same exact thing I was watching, it really touched me. Plus the speakers all said things I really needed to hear. I love that God knows us each individually and He knows the words of comfort that each of us needs. I'M SO EXCITED FOR CONFERENCE!!!!!! But ya. Plus, the video of the girl going to the temple, that was really sweet. The spirit talks to our souls. That's for certain. Oh and dad! I have told my entire district about you and we will all be watching for you! Sister Woodbury said that when she was in the choir and had kids on a mission, she bribed the camera men with cookies so she could have a special conference shot for her boys. Maybe you could do that??? ;)
6) keep that contact up with the nonmembers. You never know what seeds you may be planting by your smiles and friendships.
7) Lastly, how was the Lindsay Stirling concert?!?! I love watching her video because she plays part of Crystallize in it and that's my only pop music I can get. Seriously, look it up. It's awesome. I loved all the pics and I'm glad everyone is doing well!
As for my week:
1) there are weeping angel statues everywhere hear! (Keilee, Hill, Sar, Stephen and Cam will get that reference. Ask them about it.) But seriously. there was one man who literally had 7 weeping angels in his front yard. I was just like "What are you trying to do?!?!?! Do you want to get yourself sent back in time?!?!" I actually made Sister Earl park farther down the street because I swear they were watching me.
2) so we were driving down a street and Sister Earl said, "I want to tract this street." Not even thinking about it, I got out my little black notebook and said, "Should I write that down?" Then I stopped. I had just quoted Best Two Years without even planning it!!!! I was officially an awesome missionary!!!! AAAHHH!!! I really kind of freaked out. It was awesome.
3) Other quick favor, could you get on fb and try and get Theron Johnson's address. Please apologize to him. I wrote him a letter in the MTC and then realized his address had gotten torn off of his Dear Elder letter.... I still have the letter! I just need to send it...
4) There are wild squirrels and wild bunny's everywhere around here! I think of Mandy every time I see a little bunny hop across our path. They are super cute! Sister Earl thinks I'm crazy... but that's okay. :) Also, I saw my first dead possum on the side of the road! I think that's a right of passage or something.... :)
5) Mom, you forgot Kadi's birthday on the calendar. I wrote it in, but could you get her fav scripture or something so I can add that to it?
Phrase of the week: "off the chain" Sister Rhodes used this one. It is used when something is awesome or incredible. Example sentence: Did you go to that Lindsay Stirling concert last week? It was off the chain!
Weekly advice for missionaries: read all of Preach my Gospel before you get out here. Like every single page. Just do it. It will help you immensely.
I think that is all for this week. Thank you for the packages and I'm so glad to hear everyone is doing well! I loved the Easter picture but I didn't see my cardboard cut out. haha ;) Love y'all! I'll talk to you next week!

Family forever,
Sister Thorne

Only 1 burner on our stove worked so we got a new one. We were really excited to finally have a working stove. :)

This is our role-playing family. Flynn (Dad) is a nonmember. Rapunzel (mom) is a recent convert. We are currently teaching Merida (daughter) who is very receptive to our lessons. She wants to be Mormon.

You should be proud mom. Miracles do happen. I am growing to love chocolate. I know right?!?! I love my mug of hot chocolate before I go to bed and we got some chocolates from a member and they... they're delicious. I promise I'm as surprised as you. Sister Earl is successfully converting me.
Sister Hartgrove's studio

This is Sister Hartgrove's home. She reminded me of Grandpa Ralph. She paints very beautifully. This is some of her work. She also gave us a beautiful piece that is currently hanging in our apartment. She is so amazing.

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