Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

(We've been instructed to change names, so know that the names below are made up.)

I have had the most incredible week. I'm so glad you got to hear from Sister Woodbury! She is really really awesome and already a mother figure for me. Sister Earl is my trainer and I love her SO much! I hear that apparently Phil Johnson knows her family? What a small world! Sister Earl is very fun and energetic. She's optimistic but very spiritual and a superb teacher and trainer. She teaches me something new nearly every minute. Her goal is that by the end of this transfer she will have me ready to train if needs be because we have 60 new sisters coming in in the next 2 transfers. That's double our number now so I will most likely be training in a few months! So crazy!

My area is in Evansville North, Indiana. Evansville is the 4th largest city in Indiana but it's still pretty small. I love it! Our area is a car area so I didn't need to get a bike or helmet. Sister Earl (who's been out 14 months) said that she has never been in a bike area and has never needed to get one. She been in two areas: Salem, Indiana and Corbin, Kentucky. (Corbin is the most hill billy of the areas in the mission. She's told me many an interesting story)

Our apartment is wonderful and the President has asked that all mail go to the apartment and not the mission home. Anyway, my apartment is super nice and clean. It's got a beautiful bathroom and separate room shower/toilet. A nice big room for us both, a complete kitchen and then a big living room for study and exercise in the morning.

We eat really well. We have $260/month (combined) to pay for food, personal supplies, etc. Plus we have a Wal-mart nearby so we can get everything pretty cheap. The members haven't fed us this week because none of them knew we were here! But we have 3 dinner appointments and 1 lunch this week.

Energy-wise, I have been doing awesome! I sleep well, all through the night. I wake up refreshed. I go throughout my day with a smile on my face and the spirit in my heart. I can't believe how much the Lord has blessed me these past 3 weeks. He truly loves His missionaries.

I have a pretty decent amount of time on the computers every Monday so don't worry about limiting your writing. I want to hear everything! I love hearing from y'all back home.

Some other rules. As for music, I can listen to Hymns, hymn arrangements and efy. That includes Motab but nothing like Jessie or Alex Boye or such (unless it's on an efy cd). If you could send me some Motab and I believe Jessie is one efy cd that would be awesome! It's so sad to not have music in my ear 24/7! Also a thing to send that would make me love you very much is snack food. We have enough to get enough for dinners and lunches but not much extra. Snack's like chips and granola bars and delicousness would be much appreciated.

It sounds like your life has been so crazy! I'm so happy you had such a great time in Cali. I bet the weather was beautiful and wonderful. What did Dad and the kids do back home while you were gone? I loved the pictures! I can't wait to hear from y'all next week.

As for my life, oh wow. I've had my first lesson with a recent convert, with a less-active, with a progressing investigator and with a new investigator. I also made my first street contact all by myself! That was terrifying but also really fun.

We have three baptismal dates set right now. That's the Moon girls. Their mom is a less active member becoming more active. They had the date set before we came and we finally got to meet them this past week.

I also met Saundra who is a super sweet older woman. She joined the church in her teenage years but hasn't gone since. We will visit her and see what miracles the spirit can work in her life.

There is also Blaine. He's 17 and was baptized last year. He has the light of Christ in his eyes. He loves the gospel and even though his parents aren't part of it, he will never doubt what he knows. It shows met that there is hope for everyone and that the gospel truly can bless every aspect of our lives if we will let it. We're hoping to get him on a mission.

Finally there is Trina. The Elders contacted into her two nights ago as we were meeting with the Moore girls. She was very receptive and they referred her to us seeing as she was in our area. We met with her for the first time today and she blew me away. I think that this is one of the people the Lord has been preparing for me personally to meet. She kept mentioning how she already felt a connection with me and she wanted the radiance she could see in my face. I was in awe with her. She has had an extremely hard life, terribly hard. But she still trusts God in all she does. She knows He has a plan for her, though she doesn't know what it is she trust He will get her to where she needs to be. She felt a deep connection with the gospel and we are meeting with her again tomorrow. I am really really excited.

I think that is all the adventures I have had this week. Oh! I made my first street contact. In Sister Earl's words "We talk to everyone." So she gave me a purple card and said "Go talk to and give this to that old woman in the car." I was terrified. I was just like, you want me to do what?? She smiled and said it was easy and she knew I could do it. Mission standards are that you talk to and contact 10 people/day/missionary. So I went up, introduced myself, told her a little about the church and invited her to go to this website to learn a little bit more about us. She said okay and I left. It was all of 3 minutes and I walked away with a smile on my face. I was excited to do it again! I know that Britney would be a natural at it. So I will try to be more like her and talk to everyone. That's my goal this next week.

I think that pretty much cover everything! All I can say is that everyone should write me! I know that sounds selfish and all but I'm truly realizing how awesome it feels to open that mailbox and have a little white lettar addressed to you sitting there. I never truly understood that before this past week. So ya... :)

I'm happy y'all are doing well! I can't wait to hear from you next week! I hope Mandy had a great birthday and that she got my journal. I saw it at the MTC and knew that it needed to be in her hands. Be good! Talk to you soon!

The Church is true!
Love always,
Sister Thorne 

P.S. Oh! Sorry... again... but yes, I received all of the pictures just fine. I have a ton to send to you, but I forgot to bring my camera. So I will make sure to get those to you next week. Sound good? kk? I think that's all.... Love you!!!

 My very first meal in Evansville. Dominos pizza!

Planning and making a map. Essential if neither companion has ever been to the area.
Our room. GO UTES!!!

The cover of our dishwasher fell off... it's was really weird. We just kind of slid it back in place.
Funny story. Last p-day there was a man who wouldn't take his laundry out of the dryer. So we just had to string it up all over the apartment in order for it to be dry the next day. This inluded sheets. Quite the adventure.

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