Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Saying Goodbye :(

March 6th, 2013
Today was such a wonderful day. The boys were home because they were off track and Dad checked Britney and Mandy out of school arount 10am. Then we left for a late brunch at Denny's in Layton. We saw another missionary there with his family. He was also on his way to the MTC. Funny!
The food was yummy and it was just fun to be together as a family. When all the food on the table was consumed and the bill was paid we headed down to Provo. We were all wired at first, but as the drive seemed to drag on and on the car got pretty quiet.
As we got close to the MTC you could see a line of cars waiting to enter as others dropped off their loved ones at the curb and then created a line of cars exiting. It was pretty exciting to watch what we'd be doing in just a few minutes. We decided to stop at the park just below the Provo temple to take pictures. There were several families who had the same idea.

As we entered the MTC drop off area we could see lines of missionaries lining the curb getting ready to escort their new greenies into the building as soon as they stepped out of their cars to say their quick 2 minute goodbyes to their loved ones.
Elder Merrill was Shannah's escort. He was so kind. We found out after the fact that our friends Jamie Spackman and Becca Berry knew him because he belonged to their student ward at Snow College. Such a small world! He prompty grabbed her luggage and as soon as everyone got their hug he asked if Shannah had her immunization information. She replied that she did. Then he said, "Don't be offended, but I have to ask this next question. Do you have any keys or a cell phone?" Shannah laughed and said no and then he said, "Let's go!" Shannah turned around to wave her last goodbye to her family who loved her so much and wouldn't see her again for 18 months..
"Now go change some lives!"

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