Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

Hey Thorne Fam!

This week sure went by really quickly! We are so busy! Especially these past few days. I think Friday and Saturday, we didn't spend more than 15-20 min at home! It was really really exhausting, but I'm very grateful for the blessing to be able to be busy. :)

As for investigators, we have 5 progressing. Chris, Michael, Tiff, Kim and Kay
Chris is still good for his bap date. He came to church with his mom for the first time yesterday. He found a friend from school immediately and really liked it. We also got the cub scout master to come over and talk to him for a bit about scouts and he will be participating in the Pinewood Derby this coming month. He's really excited and can't wait for his baptism! :)
Michael we weren't able to meet with this week because of his work schedule but he is still reading and we will be meeting with him tomorrow. He should also be at church again this coming week. :)
Tiffany and Kimberly: We also weren't able to meet with them this week because they were both super sick and then they went home one last time before school started up again, but we are meeting with them this week and they should be at church next Sunday.
Kay is a new investigator we found tracting. She has actually been taught by missionaries multiple times before but we don't have a former investigator form for her. She is super talkative and has read the BoM multiple times. She just hasn't commited yet. We're not really sure of the reason, but that's what we're working on this week. 
School started back up today so Yoyo should be back. She hasn't responded to our texts so we are going to try and drop in on her tomorrow to see how she's doing. Also Jenny didn't have her babies on the 10th because one is too small so we really don't know when they will have them. But we did meet with them last night and invited them again to read from the Book of Mormon. We hope to focus on that some more with them.

As for your email:
1) Thanks for all the fun pics! Oh my goodness Chels looks amazing! She's so beautiful! And Malia looks like a mom! It's so crazy how much she has changed. And the Anime is AWESOME! I drew an anime last week too actually. :P You look awesome. :)
2) Thanks for all the suggestions to watch. :) We get 2 hours of library time each week to look up movies and things for lessons so I can take that time this coming week to look at those movie clips. :) I did quickly watch the CES opening number and saw my gorgeous little sister!!! :D
3) Sounds like everyone had an awesome week full of adventures! Love you!

As for my spiritual thought: 
This week we had a really awesome district meeting where we discussed desire and it's importance in missionary work. Elder Behling left us with a question and 4 different ideas to study which I have been studying in depth since Thursday. He asked how we can increase desire? We discussed 4 different ideas: through the Spirit, through prayer, through faith and through obedience. In my studies, I have specifically found 3 really interesting scriptures about desire. Mosiah 5:2, Enos 1:9 and Alma 32:27. As I pondered all of this, I really thought, "What is the desire of my heart? Is it in line with the Lord's desire for me? How can I fix it if it isn't?" Then this morning I studied Alma 47 and it was a stark contrast. In this chapter I realized that desires are not just ideas or things we want, they are motivations, they can be very very powerful. And this can be for both good and evil. I think the past little bit, my desires have gotten clouded by fear and discouragement. But I KNOW that those are not feelings from the Lord. This week I would invite everyone to search deeply into their personal desires. What are your motives? What keeps you going? And then if it is not in line with what the Lord my desire, how can you fix that? Desires are powerful. I definitely have a testimony of that. And I know that as we each notice our daily desires and align them with God's that we will find more peace, comfort and assurity in our lives. 

Love you all eternally!! Hope you have a fantastic week!

Love always, 
Sister Thorne
 Em and Sister LeFevre and the goats. They were creepy if you ask me.... but they thought they were pretty cute!
 I was pretty proud of myself. Sister LeFevre taught me how to open a hard boiled egg in two halves instead of lots of little itty bitty pieces and I did it on the first try!
Me trying not to trip and fall on my face. It's a dangerously icy place for clumsy people like me!

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