Monday, January 27, 2014

January 27, 2014

Hey Thorne Fam!

Hello! This week is crazy and we really don't have much time! So here's for a quick letter!

As for progressing investigators: we have Chris, Yoyo, Leslie and Michael.

Chris is still good to go for his baptism this weekend!!! We fit him in his jumpsuit yesterday and we just have some commandments left to talk about and we are doing that tonight! His baptismal interview is this coming Saturday and his baptism is Sunday! Yay!

Yoyo has a new bap date that we set yesterday for March 2 and she also committed to live the Word of Wisdom! Apparently she has been living it and she is very much anxious for her baptism so we are looking to hopefully move her bap date up to the last Sunday of the transfer.

Leslie has a bap date as well for March 9th. She is Hannah's roommate that came to church last Sunday and was also at church yesterday. She has been reading the Book of Mormon on her own and has a true desire to know if this is true. She's amazing!!!

Michael wasn't able to make it to church because of the weather but he is still reading. We also weren't able to meet with him but we will be meeting with him this week and will hopefully set a bap date then!

Also to keep in mind, Barb has a bap date for March 9th but is not progressing because she hadn't read when we last saw her. But we will be following up with her this week and will hopefully have her at church this Sunday! Connie and the grand girls didn't come to church and are seeming more and more disinterested. We'll see what happens.

As for your email: Sounds like everyone had a really fun week and how fun to go surprise the Duffins! I'm glad that all of them are doing well too. :)

Yep! It certainly has been FREEZING cold here and it's not done yet. It's supposed to get into the negatives for the next 2 nights and be cold for the next week. Yay! Thank goodness for tights. :)

Connie, Maddie and Harley we just met tracting. Knocked on their door and asked if we could say a prayer with them. They said yes, the spirit was felt and they let us come back! Tada! :D Yay prayer approach! Maddie is 13 and Harley is 10. Their parents aren't really around. Connie raises them.

You're working with Jeff! Whoa! No such thing as a coincidence. :) Talk about what could be a cool missionary experience! Just keep letting your light shine Mom!

There's a new NEW temple film???? Why did they already change it???

Thanks for the pics Daddy and thanks for the snow globe!!! Looks awesome!!! :D

As for my spiritual thought this week:
This week I have regained a testimony of the priesthood. I was really having a hard time this weekend. I felt super depressed and tired all the time and I couldn't figure out why. I couldn't seem to muster any energy to smile, let alone laugh and everyone was noticing. I just felt... really down on myself. For some reason, I felt like a failure to the Lord. Yes, Ian, I know I need to be easier on myself. Let me finish. ;) So for the last week, I have been praying specifically in my prayers and asking if the Lord has accepted my mission so far, if He was proud of me. Then I asked one of the Elder, Elder Green for a blessing on Sunday. In that blessing, he (not knowing anything of what I had been going through) said specifically, "The Lord has accepted your service so far and wants you to know that He is proud of the instrument you've become." Wow. I nearly started crying. As he continued with the blessing, he promised me that these negative feelings would disperse and I would soon feel once again an abundance of joy. As he talked, I felt the cloud over my head slowly dissipate. By the end, I could smile and laugh again and since then, I have felt much more like myself. :) And when those negative feelings start to come back, I just remind myself of the words of my Father in Heaven who truly does love me. My invitation this week is to partake of the priesthood. Don't be afraid to ask for a blessing even if you feel that it is only for something small. I can promise that it is important to the Lord. He loves us.

Love you all eternally! Have a great week!

Sister Thorne
 The AP's and us. That's Elder Evans (if you remember, he was my first district leader in Evansville. He's absolutely amazing and everyone knew he would be AP one day), Elder Hicken (Elder Hicken is one of the famous elders from Jasper. He baptized the LeMonds and the Hughlett's. He's one of the best Elders we've got and he goes home this transfer.) then me and Sister LeFevre.
 I went on exchange with Sister Dickerson to Jessamine County this past week. So much fun! Sister Dickerson is not much older than me and absolutely amazing. I love her to death!
 We were shoveling the snow and the two adorable neighbor kids came to help. But when we asked to get a picture with them, they both ran. :P Guess I'm too scary. ;)
So... we found this super creepy hallway and of course had to knock on the door. Maybe the person behind it wants to be Mormon!!! But we also had to take silly pictures. Of course. :)

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