Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Hey Thorne Fam!

Hello again my beautiful family! Here's Sister Thorne reporting on another wonderful week! We got to witness so many miracles this week! Chris is still progressing. We had a lesson with him on Thursday at the Brooksher's. It was my first lesson in a member's home!!!! He really had a lot of fun and it went really well. :) He came to church yesterday and he really enjoyed it. Then he texted us Sunday night and said that there were some things that he needed to tell us, but not over text. So we are meeting with him tomorrow. Continue to keep him in your prayers. Smoking is his biggest demon. But I know that he can overcome it.

We also picked up Misty! She's the one we called you about several weeks ago that is in the Elders area but wanted sisters. We were kind of unsure who should take over teaching her for a while, but as we continued to meet with Misty it because very apparent that she needed to be taught by us Sisters. So we started that, she came to church and loved it! We taught her Thursday, Friday and we will be meeting with her again tonight. Her testimony grows a little stronger each time we come. No bap date yet. Her biggest hurdle is the LoC. She's living with her boyfriend who doesn't want to marry her at this time. But I also trust God that all will work out. She's absolutely incredible. An amazing woman and I look up to her so much. :)

As for other new investigators: Elisha canceled our appointment Sunday. She had to go to Kroger. But she said we can try again for next Sunday. We also found Jenny. She is very interesting actually. When I was with Sister Smith, there was a night we came in but I really felt like there was still someone we were supposed to talk to that night. So I started calling through potentials. I eventually called Jenny, had an amazing conversation with her and said a prayer with her. But no specific return appointment. Then, a couple weeks later, I called her again and we had a quick conversation. She said she was really busy so still no return appointment. Last night, our appointment in her neighborhood fell through so we decided to just drop by. So it was the first time I had actually met her face to face. When we knocked and she answered she was originally very stiff. But after a while, she really warmed up to us. We got to meet her two kids, Ayden (9) and Kira (7). It was the weirdest thing. I feel such a connection to this family. Ayden reminds me exactly of Josh when he was 9. He looks the same and acts the same. And little Kira reminds me of me when I was younger. This family is absolutely incredible. I can't even explain it. There is something very specific Heavenly Father needs me to do for them. I just need to figure it out. I'll keep you updated.

As for your email:
1) First and foremost: So Em is going to Paris, Brit to Uruguay, Jennica to Louisiana. Where are Bridge and Sarah going? I LOVE THE FLAGS PICTURE!!!!!! Sister Minson agrees. Where did yall get the flags??? And the mission call one. Send me more pics as soon as you get them okay? You all totally made me cry. You 5 girls have been best friends for forever and you are all going to go out into all 4 corners of the world for a year and a half and you are each going to do miracles. You're amazing. The Hope of Israel. Go my Sisters of Zion!!!!!
2) Cute tea party Brit! Yall are adorable!!!!!
3) So it was actually a miracle that the dozer hit the water line? Cool! Can't wait to see the court all done. Is that the last big thing you have to do for the house?
4) 1 more envelope should be good. I don't think there's anything else I need. I just bought stamps today. So yep! Thanks!!! (Unless you want to slip in some sweetarts. Those are never a bad thing. ;P)
5) Good job mastering that rib stick Brandon! We saw a boy riding one the other day and I thought of Brit. Now you'll have to teach me when I get home, since Brit won't be able to. Okay? :)
6) Congrats Joshie on your 4.0!!!!! You are amazing!!! That's my boy! Woot woot!
7) How was the concert Mandy?!?!?! I totally want to hear!
8) As for the plans in September. That is totally so weird to think about. But YES!!!! I want to go to Marsh! That was the biggest thing I was sad about for my mission, was missing 2 Marsh Lakes. That would mean the world to me! Have my bags packed? ;) And yes again for Saints and Sinners. That would be so much fun to get to go with you, Julianne, Andra and Mandy. Count me in! So weird.....
9) Have fun camping! I want to see pictures!
10) I'm sorry to hear about Jeff. That is so hard when someone lets you down like that and leaves so much on your shoulders. It's not very respectful of your time or of the kids. Agency is a kicker isn't it?

Love you all so much! Hope you have a great week!

Love always,
Sister Thorne

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