Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June 23, 2014

Hey Thorne Fam!

GUESS WHAT?!?!?! I'm staying in Beckley with Sister Minson!!! Which means she is going to get to kill me and I'll be here until I die!!!! :D :D :D :D :D WOOT! I am so excited not to have to get to know another place so quickly before I leave and to get to just solely focus on this amazing area. With Sister Minson! We are going to rock Middletown to it's core and have a blast doing it! :D

Haha well, in other words, the work this week was very slow at first, out of 18 set lessons, 9 canceled on us. It was super frustrating and I was getting a little discouraged. But then yesterday, Heavenly Father just put together a couple miracles for us. Chris was able to come to church and the mission fireside. He had a really great experience at each and I was able to learn a lot of things that I needed. He always seems to help me end on a good note. :)

So as for Chris, he is still smoking but we have a new game plan. We want to go through and finish the lessons, really focusing on reading the Book of Mormon and building his testimony of it and the Atonement and then come back and attack WofW again. We'll see how that goes.

Misty we weren't able to meet with. Her family is going through a really difficult time right now and she has just kind of secluded herself away from everyone. She's very hurt, so we are just focusing on loving her right now.

Judy wasn't able to meet with us, but should be good to go to meet with us this week.

We picked Andrew and Jennifer back up and had a really good lesson with them. Sister Minson did great with dealing with Andrew's stubbornness and teaching in a way that allowed him to teach himself. She is such an incredible teacher.

The only other thing to watch out for us tonight we will have our first lesson with Jailyn and Justin (bro and sis possibly). They are Mormon.org referrals and we contacted Jailyn and she was SUPER excited to talk to us and get a Book of Mormon. We haven't met with them, but they seem to have incredible potential. We think they are about 16-18 years of age because Jailyn said she was still living with her parents. So we'll see! I'm super excited!

As for your email:
Sounds like everyone was able to have a great week! It was so good to get to see Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Mary again! They both look so happy. :)
How is An and Kris? I miss them so! I hope they were able to enjoy the adventure and especially the fudge!
Britney! Stop being so crazy!!! Calm down and enjoy these last few weeks. Take this one from me. You need to chillax.
Mandy, STOP DATING!!!! AH! I don't think I can handle that idea! It will blow my mind. SO NOT okay. Grarg....well... I guess it's kind of okay... but only if you write me more you little stinkpot! Love ya! ;D
Josh and Brandon, keep going! You're awesome! Love you all so much!

I think that's it for this week! Love you all!

Love eternally,
Sister Thorne
 It's kind of hot......Yep. It officially hit 100 degrees. It has been SUPER gross this week and it's only going to get worse. We hear August is going to be miserable. Good thing we get to go knocking on doors in it every day! Well, Sister Minson and I are currently have a contest to see who can drink more water. She's winning.... but I WILL beat her!
 The Hurstbourne District!!!! Back row: Sister Thorne, Sister Galloway, Elder Benham, Elder Downs, Elder Davis, Elder Hancock, Sister Bready, Sister Minson. Front row: Elder Stohel, Elder Champion, Elder Forrest, Elder Polson
We said goodbye to the Woodbury's last night. They go home Friday. I will miss them so! I love my mission parents!!! 

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