Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13, 2013

Hey Thorne Fam! 

Could you just ask time to stop moving so quickly?? It seems that every single time I write you the week has gone by faster. It definitely needs to slow down.

As for me, I am doing so fabulously! I can't even describe to you the change I have seen in my own life since I made that promise to stop counting and not open letters until Monday. I have held true to it all and I have noticed so much joy in my life. So many blessings have come to me, I often fall to my knees each night overwhelmed with gratitude for the miracles I have gotten to witness that day. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true! Miracles happen! The Priesthood has been restored! I am so grateful for that witness.

As for investigators: we only have 2 really progressing. That's Kat and Tung.

First, Tung came to church!!!! We got him a ride and he was there and he really loved it! We are meeting with him tomorrow to discuss it more and to talk about the Plan of Salvation a little bit. He is really moving forward and has so much potential!

Next, Kat is a college student. She was supposed to get baptized last year but her parents were going to disown her. They said that if she stuck with it for a year, they would let her get baptized and not say anything more on it. So she has been patiently waiting. She was home for the summer and came back to school this past week. She came to church and has such a powerful testimony. She will be getting baptized in late October and is counting down. I'm really glad she is waiting because this time has just cemented everything she knows to be true.

Sadly, we'll probably be dropping Claudia this week. We have called multiple times and can never get a hold of her.... :( We will keep trying, but I'm not really sure...

We were able to get back into contact with Michael and Becca though! And finally find their address! We are teaching them for the first time tomorrow and we are both very excited for them. They have a lot of potential.

Finally, Sandy isn't progressing because he didn't come to church this past week. We are still meeting with him. He just takes everything so lightly. We have to get past his walls and find out why HE needs the gospel. That personal application. Only then will he start taking things more seriously.

Our new investigators that I will be talking more about next week as we will be meeting with them more this coming week are: Jeannie, Ryan and Dennis.
As for your letter:
I did get your package! There was only one problem.... one of the cake in a bottles had shattered by the time it got to me.... But we still have one! And we have been enjoying it. It's pretty interesting actually because it all tastes like tic tacs! Those things are so strong and Tic Tac cake tastes very.... interesting. :P I gave the CD to Bro Curry and he says Thanks. :) I really enjoyed the coupons. I will be using 3 today! There was only 1 question I had, was I supposed to get a USB returned? I didn't get one in the package... and I need to get that one and send the one I have off soon. Also, is there any way I could get like 1 or 2 more of the bubble/stamped envelopes you gave me to send back to you? I also have another request, do you think you could print off some pics from fb of adventures from high school (pics from cali and seattle choir tours, adventures with Keilee, Hill and Sar, Miss Syracuse Pageant, Tifenn, Kadi, Marsh, etc.) I have pics of the immediate family but I tell stories about my friends and other family members all the time but Sister Saunders doesn't even know what Hill, Sar, Kei, Cam, Ryan, James, Goertzen, Ian, Petey, Steven, Theron, Grandma and Grandpa's and others look like! If I could just get some random pics of all my friends from both college, high school and maybe even junior high if you can find one along with extended family, then I can have pics to go with the names of everyone I talk about. That would be awesome. :D

Another note from today, Thanks for making me cry Kristie!!!! Gosh. I got a little package with a bunch of letters from the Heritage Ward Youth. Let me preface this. From the time I came out on my mission, I told myself that I would never get letters from my ward because my family had moved and no one in the new ward really knew me at all. I just kind of told myself that and then said to get over it and move on because there are things that are more important. Then I got this package and immediately I was overwhelmed. I never ever expected to get one of these and it was the answer to a secret prayer. As I read through the letters of Madi Brophy, Kenzie Butler, Paige Sanders, Paige Whitman, Shae and Kaylee Taylor, Hannah Krauss, Leizel Cordero, Maddie Duncan, Jake Lamb, Lyndsey Brophy, Emalee Whitman, Savannah Tanner and my dear Manda-loo (along with a purple one that didn't have a name. Thanks to whoever that was too!). I sat on the floor of our living room and just started crying. These young men and women had no idea how much their words would help and uplift me though many of them had no idea who I was. Please thank them for me. It meant so much to me to get their letters. :')

I also got a letter from Grandma Great. :) Sounds like things are going great! You'll have to tell Grandpa Great happy birthday for me! 94?! Wow! That's so crazy! Please thank her for that and tell her that I will buy myself a treat. :) LOVE YOU!
It sounds like y'all have had a pretty crazy fun filled week! First, MOM!!!! Did you seriously walk into a mailbox?.... Wow... good job ma. haha I love you too. Do you think you can afford to lose anymore brain cells? ;) Love you! Second, PLEASE tell Chris and Bri hi for me! Porter and Luke are getting so very big! I can't even believe it. My little nephews. :) Third, I'm so glad you got to see Sister Earl!!! Isn't Chels just amazing. :D She still emails me every week and she will always always be my big sister. I love and respect her so much and will look up to her for the rest of my life. I hope to be half the missionary she was. She's my Chels. And if she doesn't like it, she will just have to deal with it. I'm just glad you all now know what I have been talking about. Isn't she amazing. :) And she sent me the pic of y'all making funny faces. It looks like she fits right in to the family! Fourth, it's so good to see Jordie and Markie! Man I miss my girls! I'm glad they are doing well. I knew they would. They are very very strong women. Do you know Jordie's email?  

I think that's it this week. I love you all so much! I can't wait to hear how y'all are next week! 

Love forever,
Sister Thorne

P.S. We got to meet Elder Nash (of the 70) yesterday. He and his wife are SO sweet! They came and did a mission tour and he talked with us for about 4 hours in Lexington yesterday. I learned so much and I have much to work on! The Priesthood is real!

 Decking Laney out. She's pretty much the coolest bike ever!
 Being dorks. Doncha love us!
 Sister Thorne was feeling a little too powerful holding the keys to the bathroom at the gas station.... luckily the man who was working there is Dennis! A new investigator!

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