Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5, 2013

Hey Thorne Fam!

This week contained a roller coaster of emotions. It was both incredibly long and very very short. Time on the mission is not normal. We had an awesome thought given to us by our BFF (aka Ward Mission Leader) and he was telling us about priesthood keys. President Woodbury has been given keys over this mission. He has a very special responsibility to recieve revelation for this mission. Brother Curry then tied that in to the Mission Standards that have been set for us. He said that those standards have been set by one who has the keys and revelation to know that we can accomplish that. Including baptizing monthly. As long as we have the faith, those standards can all be accomplished. We just have to hold our part up and the Lord will take care of the rest. So we have gone into this week with that new perspective and we have seen miracles! We have hit the pavement and gone to work! We have striven to achieve 14 contacts each day and at least an hour of tracting each day with an emphasis on talking to everyone so that we can find the people the Lord has prepared for us! It has been amazing! We found 3 super solid new investigators on Friday: Tung and Michael & Becca. We are meeting with them for the first time this week. I am very excited for them and to watch them come closer to Christ. There are great things happening!

As for investigators: Claudia is our only current progressing. But our other future progressors are Tung, Michael & Becca, and Sandy.

Claudia is a woman we met contacting at the park. She is hispanic but speak really Really good English. She has a little 4 yr old son-Gael. She is looking for a religion right now and slowly but surely opening up to us. She said she still wants to look into the Catholic religion more because when she makes her choice she wants to know it's the right one. We taught her the first lesson and she is taking Moroni's challenge this week.

Tung is a vietnamese exchange student we met at the IGA parking lot. He is staying at MSU for one more semester and then heading back to Vietnam but he was very excited to get a Book of Mormon and basically asked us when he could meet with us again to learn more about it. We are meeting with him on Wednesday. I'm very excited. :D

Michael and Becca are a young couple we met on Main Street. They have a little 1 1/2 yr old named Alexi. We've kind of lost contact with them... they gave us an address and it was wrong... and neither of them have phones... but we know where he works so we will be checking back there today to see where he actually lives. They are good friends with some members and were both very interested in learning more. I love them already. They are super sweet. :) More on them next week.

Sandy is the husband of a member. He's been looking into the church for years and comes to Sacrament Meeting nearly every Sunday but isn't baptized! He is very logical and I think he's looking for proof. But we are getting him in to the Book of Mormon and he will have the spirit witness to him that it is true. I know it.

In other news: Sister Thorne hit her 1/4 done mark on Thursday. I didn't even realize it until the evening when I went and looked at Mom's Calendar she sent me. I had written it on there back in Evansville and just now looked at it. I kind of just stared at the number for a while. Kind of like Wha?.......... Then it comprehended in my mind and I wanted to cry!!! I already feel the urgency! I can't be at 1/4 yet! I am bound and determined to not believe it. I will be stubborn. Silly Elders get a full 2 years... not fair! Sigh... I had better start working harder! haha :D

Also, I am buying my bike today!!!!!!!! :D :D :D They didn't have it at walmart last week but they ordered it in and everything should be set up to get it today! Woot! I am super excited. :)

Lastly, this week I received letters from Sister Braedon (my Jasper Grandma), Grandma Kathy (thanks Grandma! I loved all your thoughts!!!) and Manda-loo. I will try and write you a handwritten letter today!

I think that's all for this week. I love you all muchly! The Gospel is True! God loves you! And Satan hates your face! I'll talk to y'all next week! 

Love eternally,
Sister Thorne

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