Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29, 2013

Hey Thorne Fam!
Mom, I got all the letters today! Thank you so much! Each thing all the family said meant so much to me. From your huge 8 pg letter to little Baby Sam's scribbles. :) You burned yourself??? MOM! Goodness gracious. I thought I told you to be safe. A certain incident with a tramp and a flip and a hyper extended knee comes to mind. ;) haha Love you mom. But yes, please be safe!

I also received letters this week from Keilee (a huge hilarious letter with pics of her and Jack Sparrow going on many fun adventures together. Made my day!), from Grandma Kathy (I always look forward to her letters. They always spiritually uplift me and bring a smile to my face.) And then a surprise one from the Cronk's! Please thank them profusely for the letter. They also sent $20 and it was an answer to a prayer. I am actually looking at buying a bike today (For real this time). The one I'm looking at is $200 and absolutely beatiful. Hey mom, do you think you could get me one of those bike helmets from the fire station you were telling me about and send it to me? That would be awesome if it's a possibility.

Daddy, it was so good to hear from you! I love you so much! Brother Curry keeps me updated on how the fam is doing. He showed me that he had called y'all. (I wouldn't believe him until he showed me the call history on his phone). It's so weird to think about. haha like my past life and my mission life are coming together. Who knows what may happen??? haha :D But he really is an amazing WML. He is so sweet and encourages us to do better each day. We never cease to make him proud and that means the world to us. I love and respect him a lot. His family is amazing as well! Sister Curry has already been adopted as my mom for the Morehead area. I'm sure you've seen all their kids on fb. I love Natalie. She's a sweetheart and little Emma is quickly becoming one of my little buddies. :)

What do you mean by break in my new room? It still looks good right? *suspicious* haha :) I trust her. :)

I can't wait to hear about the 1D concert! I am eagerly awaiting news and pics of it!

Jaden Roskelley has his farwell!!! My grandson?!?!?!?! Oh my goodness! Time is flying by so fast! He's just growing up so quickly. ;) Did you happen to get any pictures with him? I would love to see him. Wish him luck for me please.

I also love How Firm a Foundation. It holds a special place in my heart as it makes me think of Isaiah 41:10 which is the scripture mom put for Grammy's b-day on my calendar. That scripture and accompanying song have become some of my favorites.

Now for news from this week!

I have missed Jasper this week. I talk about my family there all the time. I have Syd's picture she gave me on my dresser along with the jar Sister Hughlett made me sitting on my studying desk. They are all in my heart and prayers but I know that Morehead is where I am supposed to be right now and I am already learning ot love it dearly.

Morehead, KY is nice, cool and beautiful. Fall is starting to settle in and the mornings are acutally chilly. I love it here and it feels like I'm living up in the mountains. I went from the flat corn fields of Southern Indiana to the beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky. There is a huge difference between here and Indiana. Much heavier accents and many more y'alls. I LOVE IT! The mountains are probably my fav though. It feels like home. I already love this area with all my heart and we've only been here 1 week! I'm now companions with Sister Saunders. She is 20, from North Ogden, UT, and also loves music! She played viola and has such a sweet tender heart. I love her to death already. :)

We have spent most of this week organizing. Mapping our area out (me and my stubborn self refuse to give in and use a GPS. I will find my way around with maps). Finding out where all the members and Less Actives are and then trying to figure out a time to visit them all. We are really trying to build the excitement in the ward. Things are moving. Baby step by baby step. This is going to be an amazing area. There is so much potential here! This transfer is going to be amazing.

Well, love y'all! Talk to you next week! 

Sister Thorne

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