Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

Hey Thorne Fam!
What a crazy week! Oh my goodness! So many ups and downs, it's a wonder I don't feel motion sick! But it has definitely all been worth it. I am learning to love my mission. :)

The baptism went amazingly! Macy and Olivia were both so beautiful. They looked like angels in their white jumpsuits. Even Gene commented on it. Macy started crying during the closing song of I am a Child of God. I asked her why and she said, "I don't know! I'm just so happy! I usually don't cry!" It truly touched my heart. She is so sweet and innocent and she already has a great desire to be a missionary. I know that Gene was very touched by everything and especially on Sunday as they received the Holy Ghost and that he is anxiously waiting for his day to come. 12 more weeks. :)

As for other investigators: Kent was supposed to come to the baptism but skipped out at the last minute. He said he was sick, but my gut feeling was that he just didn't want to go.... I'm very worried for him. He has never been married or had kids so I think that he is scared of commitment. That's why he doesn't want to set a date for his baptism. It makes a lot of sense from that light.... But I have full confidence that Sister Pack and Davidson will be able to follow the spirit and discern his needs.

The only others would be Sara, Alan, Michaella and Alexis. We have not met with any of them much this week as we were preparing for Saturday. But I know that Sister Pack has dates set up to meet with each of them in the coming week. So I have no worries on that front. 

As for myself: I am being transferred to Morehead, Kentucky!!! It is the most Eastern Area of the mission. So I'm going from the most Northern area of the mission, Jasper to the most Eastern. haha It must be a show of trust that President doesn't have to keep a close eye on me. ;) I don't yet know an address. I will know that next Monday. So for now I would suggest sending everything to the mission home address. If you sent anything there, I can pick it all up when I am in Louisville on Tuesday. Otherwise, just send it there and I'll most likely get it this weekend after they forward it to me.

Fun facts about Morehead that I've learned from the people in Jasper: It's in Kentucky (people in Indiana are not big fan of Kenuckians. haha) It's very east so it is nearer to the Appalachian Mountains so it may be a big cooler. YAY! Since this next transfer will contain all of August: the hottest month. There is a Morehead State University (might be college idk) there. There are a ton of college girls so that's why they transferred the Elders out (oh ya! By the way, I'm whitewashing the area which means they are taking all the Elders out and putting Sisters in) And Finally, it's in Bluegrass territory which means it's supposed to be absolutely stunning. :) I really look forward to getting to know the ward there. :)

But I'm not gonna lie. I have felt very nervous for this coming week. I have felt my heart breaking over the past 2 days as I have had to say goodbye to all of the family that I have made here. My moms: Sister Hughlett, and Des. My sisters: Sister Bland, Sister Lemond, Sydnee, Bre and Sister Scott. My grandparents: Brother and Sister Braedon. My brothers: Brother Bland, Brother Lemond, Brother Scott, Elder Larson and Elder Seal. It has been so hard and I feel sick to my stomach a lot. And then I think about this week and that I will be with someone new, starting somewhere new, and have to learn many things new. It's very intimidating. But as I was thinking of this I then thought of 2 Nephi 4, Nephi's Lament. Just as he is sinking into despair, he says, "But I know in whom I have trusted." Many things may be new, but I will be sharing the same gospel, following the same spirit and trusting the same Savior. As I think of that, all of my fears melt away and they are replaced by faith. I am truly trying to lay all on the altar and then lose myself in the glory of salvation. This coming transfer is going to be good. I can feel it.

So instead of being nervous, I am instead thankful for this opportunity to grow. That is exactly what all these mountains I have had to climb have been. Opportunities to grow and become more like my Savior. What a beautiful blessing it is to "stand shoulder to shoulder with the greatest life this world has ever known" as Elder Holland says. I am very excited to see what adventures my Savior has in store for me next. :)
First off, I want to say a special thank you to Pop. I got a letter from both him and Nancy this week and as soon as I saw that it was from My Pop, I started crying. I know how much he doesn't like to write letters and so it meant so much to me to see that he had taken the time to tell me he was proud of me. :) And from my Grandma Nancy. I love her letters and they always brighten my day. :)

As for your letter: It looks like I had a lot of fun at Marsh! haha My head looks a little bit... smallish for my broad shoulders, but I love my missionary tag. :) Did I go down the "deer fort"? I look forward to your letter so I can understand more of what is going on in the pictures. It was good to see a pic of Tifenn. I MISS YOU!!!! It will be sad to have her leave this week, but I love her lots and she has many more adventures to go on. :)

Daddy: LOVE YOU!!!! Just so you know. :) And notice there are no "Dads" up there, because no one can even try to replace my Daddy.

Mum: Thank you for everything you have done for me. The emails, the letters, the pictures, the cut out, the words. It keeps me going. :) And notice that there are "Moms" up there, because there's no way I could survive without my Mum. :)

Brit: Still waiting for my letter...... You are going to start getting into trouble soon young lady. Plus, I think I saw more pics of Em than I did of you! What's up with that! A picture of Emma with Flat Shannah but not my Britney? Hmm.... you're starting to forget about me aren't you. I knew it! ;D haha nah. I love you Brits. :)

Mandy: *secret handshake* Congrats on giving a talk! I am so proud of you for getting involved with the YW. How is your calling going? Having any fun adventures? I saw that pic of the family on Ry and An's hill and I was like "Who is the gorgeous young woman at the right end of the picture? Wait... that's my Mandy!" You are growing up very very fast. And you are becoming a B-Dog (beautiful daughter of God).

Josh: So you spoke on Temples? What were some things you learned about them? I love you buddy. Keep doing what you're doing. I am so proud of you and I love you so much. :)

Brandon: How is my cutie doing? I love you so much! What have you been up to lately? Being good I hope. :D

I love you all!!!

Scripture of the transfer: Alma 26:12. Yea, I know that I am nothing. As to my strength, I am weak. Therefore, I will not boast of myself, but I will boast of my God. For in His strength I can do ALL things. :)

The Church is true. Live it, learn it, love it!
Love eternally,
Sister Thorne

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