Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

Hey Thorne Family!

We have had such a fantastic week! Ever since a Training we had last week, we have really put a stress on involving members. We got 9 member present lessons this week! (The mission standard is 4) Which is amazing. It was so cool to work with members so much! They each have such a different and powerful testimony and they just need some encouragement to share it. If missionaries can encourage each member and ask them how we can help them, then the referrals start coming and once we contact those referrals and report back, they become excited to go out with us. What a wonderful lesson that I have been blessed to realize so early on in my mission. I will certainly implement it for the remainder of my mission.
As for our investigators: Gene, Macy, Olivia, Kent, Ashley, Sara and Alan
Gene, Macy and Olivia: As you know, the girls are getting baptized this Saturday. YAAAYYY!!!! I could shout for joy and praise in Hallelujah's! They are at their Grandmother's all week and will be coming back Friday and we will be pretty much in constant contact with them from that point on. We have also arranged for the Olney, IL sisters to go visit them this week. I believe tomorrow evening. (They are staying in Flora, IL which is in the Olney sister's area!) So that way we have contact with them at least once. Gene is moving along steadily and powerfully. He has been coming to member dinners with us and really starting to create those bonds of trust with them. He is going fishing with Brother Scott this week. I firmly believe that he will get baptized October 12th and he will be a strong member for life.
Kent: Kent is doing wonderfully. He hasn't set a date yet but he attended church for the first time Sunday. He was only able to attend the first hour on account of his pinkeye he got, but he still came. He said it was good but he's really looking to attending all 3 hours next Sunday when he can get more out of it and learn more. So that is good. He really has the desire. And he said he wants to be baptized, but wants to wait about 5-8 week so he can attend church at least that much.
Ashley: We may be dropping Ashley... she has the same problem as Jason. She is extremely learned and doesn't seem interested in praying. But she will read. So we will see this week.
Sara: Sara's an excommunicated member we just started teaching this week so I will have more to say on her next week.
Alan is the man we met playing horseshoes and we will be teaching our first lesson with him tonight so more next week as well.
As for me this week: I have been through one roller coaster! Oh my goodness! I was very broken down last Monday but as soon as I went to my Lord, He gave me the blessing and training I needed to build myself back up. Notice, He didn't do it for me. He just gave me the tools to do it for myself. On Tuesday we had an amazing training by the Zone Leaders about the "Vision to Baptize". I went into a room on my own to pray about the baptismal goal God would like me to set on my mission. But I ended up have a very amazing experience. It happened that I walked into the YW room. Immediately Mosiah 18:9 came to my head thanks to amazing YW leaders (THANKS LESLIE!) who had me quote that. I got out my BoM and read Mosiah 18:7-11. I would greatly challenge you to read it. I then started crying as I realized I wasn't giving the Lord ALL my time and efforts. So I got my journal out and made a promise to Him that I would start doing that. I would stop counting days, either up or down. I would stop focusing on what is going on at home aka Tifenn and Marsh. I would stop thinking about what would happen when I get home. I would completely lose myself and go to work 101%. I wrote it all down and signed and dated it. I feel that that was a moment that would define my mission. 
Then on Wendesday, we had a blitz with the Sister Training Leaders. Sister Mickleson spent the day with me and I learned so much from her. She is such an example to me. She again reinforced all I had learned the day before. Then on Thursday, I woke up feeling completely rejuvenated and ready to dive in. Basically loving each and every single day. And we had interviews with President. I found out that I am most likely (99%) being transferred out this next week. It's sad to hear, but I know in my heart that it is right. I've known since the beginning of this transfer (6 weeks ago) that this would be my last transfer in Jasper. And it will end with a baptism. :D I couldn't be happier. :)
As for your letter:
Yes, I have been putting more of myself into my exercises this past week. That has helped me a lot too.
We are still supposed to tract 5 hours a week but we usually don't.... we just have too many appointment! We have gotten like 5-7 referrals this week. Which is amazing. We're usually lucky if we get 3. So as stated before, they are getting involved. I LOVE JASPER! ]
Yes, we still have a car.
Sister Pack is doing amazingly. Her headaches are gone. Thank you for the prayers.
I'm glad you all had a good week and lots of fun. And I'm glad I finally have a cut out! I'm excited for pics next week!
I got letters this week from Grandpa Ralph, Aubrey and Ryan. I also got an email from Andra!!! Talk about making my day! It made me laugh out loud and made me so happy!
Have fun at Marsh! I'll talk to you next week! 
Love eternally, Sister Thorne

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