Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Sorry all. I had girls camp and 2 family reunions back to back and I'm playing catch up now. Thanks for your paitence. Shelly

Hey Thorne Fam!

This week has been both really long and really fast. It's a weird feeling for me.
As for our investigators: we have Kent, Gene, Macey, Olivia and Ashley.
Nikita and Magenta didn't want to visit with us anymore. I think Summer came and better plans came up. :(
Emma and Joanna we have had to drop. Their mom doesn't really approve of us coming around anymore. Very sad face. We don't really know what is going to happen there in the future but we have planted the seed and one day I know that things will work out.
We had a baptismal date with Kent for August 10th. But we had a lesson with him last night and he started the lesson with how he thinks he is moving too fast. He wants to cancel the date for now and slow down. I think the biggest reason for that is that he hasn't been to church yet. He wants to come to "way more than 3 services" he says before he even thinks about baptism. He is planning on coming this Sunday and Sister Pack and I are both praying that he will have an experience where he knows that this is where he needs to be and his fears about baptism will crumble. He does have a very solid testimony. We talked to him about that. So I think we will really see how things go after next Sunday.
Gene, Macey and Olivia are doing fantastically. They have now been to church twice and they love it. Everyone in the ward loves them and Macey and Olivia are actively involved in Primary and Activity Days. Olivia is actually the reverent child for next week and Macey was the super singer. Gene knows that this is true and they are all praying about being baptized on the 10th. Gene doesn't smoke or drink, the only concern is coffee. We haven't yet addressed the Word of Wisdom, but we are planning on doing that this week. I love them!
Ashley we met 2 weeks ago but have just seriously started teaching. She is very learned and I'm worried that may start getting in the way of the spirit but she is open to listening and she is REALLY good about keeping commitments. So I have full faith that as she really reads and prays about the Book of Mormon, that this will come. Slowly but surely. She is 18 and just graduated last June. She is actually super weird and fun to teach for me because I get the very distinct feeling that she is exactly who I would be if I wasn't raised in or ever became a member of the church. She has agnostic beliefs and is very intelligent. She loves learning. Her personality type reminds me a lot of Luna Lovegood actually (from Harry Potter). She is going to try and come to church this Sunday and I am really excited to continue to teach her.

As for your email:
If Ferrara's hadn't called us yes, we would just sit in our apartment and wait it out. But I have full confidence that if they hadn't called someone in the ward would have at least been prompted to. The Lord takes care of His servants. No, we haven't had a training on what to do in a tornado per say, but Sister Woodbury did write about it in one of The Trumpet's. We basically just hide when we hear the siren go off.
Mandy: Take care of your new room! I expect it to still be in beautiful condition by the time I get home. haha :)
Tifenn: I got your letter this past week! Are you going to decorate my room? I think that would be really sweet. :) I LOVE YOU!!!

Brit:  Write me. Soon. Or you will be in BIG trouble. haha Love you. :) Also, congrats on the AP test!!!!!

I usually get a small email from Stephen each week but not this week because his family is in NYC. I also get weekly emails from Petey (in the choir), Ian Fitch, Cameron and Ryan, Hillary, Kadi, Sister Earl (you called her! Fun!), Jasmine (aka Sister Junk) and Josh Nielson (went home last transfer, he was my zone leader and served in Evansville with me). I am very blessed.

Thank you for the pics! I loved seeing Tifenn! And is that my handprint in the cement walkway? How did you do that? It looks beautiful! Looks like everyone is having fun! I love you all and will talk to you next week! 

Love eternally,

Sister Thorne

P.S. I got Grandma Kathy's letter with the postcard!!! It got forwarded to the new apartment. I also got a letter from Cameron, Keilee, Theron, Tifenn and Ryan. But for now, everyone should probably start sending letters to the mission home 1325 Eastern Pkwy, Louisville, KY, 40204 just in case I get transferred. Thanks!

 Us at the Schnitzelbank. A famous german restaurant in Jasper.
 Me proselyting at a fair on the 4th of July in Otwell, IN. Fun!
 Tell Grandpa Ralph I am still drawing!
Our pet Carl the Caterpillar in his Chrysallis

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