Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hey Thorne Fam! 

Okay, so this week has been absolutely insane. To start it all off, Day 100 of my mission was on this past Wednesday! Woot! And I guess the weather wasn't too happy about that because I survived my first tornado warning that night! It was so crazy. The sky started looking angry around 6-7pm. At about 8, the Ferrara's called us and said, "Come to our basement. Now." So we drove over there and the sirens went off. It started pouring and the sky looked purple and green. Literally. I have never seen such crazy weather. We tried to get some pics but it doesn't do it any justice. We got to the Ferrara house and spent the next 2 hours in the basement with all the kids. By 9, the rain was coming down in sheets, I have never ever seen rain that hard before. Brit, the rain in Philly looks like sprinkling compared to this. Then the radio came on with reports of tornado's about 5-10 miles North-West and North-East of us. We bunkered down, said some prayers and within 45 minutes things had calmed down. The rain had stopped but there was lightening that lit up the entire purple and green sky every few seconds. So. Crazy. So yep. That was an adventure! 

Then, on Friday, we went to the hospital! Sister Pack woke up with an migraine that had lasted about 4 days. We had taken meds and everything and it had only gotten worse. She couldn't get out of bed  Friday at all. So we got permission to take her to the UrgentCare here in Jasper. We spent the afternoon from 12 to about 5:30 there while she got an IV with some powerful drugs and steroids to try and break the migraine. By the end of it, it was subsiding but she was exhausted so she slept the rest of the day while I did some small projects and studied. A lot. XP Then on Saturday, she woke up and it was back. She finally collapsed and admitted that the headaches were coming because of anxiety. She wanted to go home. It was the same situation as Sister Junk. I was devastated as you can imagine. So Sunday, with her still wanting to leave, we spent the day down in Louisville at the mission home. President interviewed her and we went to the mission home fireside where one of the men from the Louisville Temple Presidency spoke. She then got to call her parents to see what they were going to do. Meanwhile, I just basically hung out with Sister Woodbury all day. SHE IS AMAZING!!!! She helped me to get through this so much. She was so supportive and such a great listener. She is truly my mission mom now. That night, after talking to her parents, Sister Pack felt all better! It was literally a miracle. She is ready to go again. She still has the anxiety but she has the desire and faith to hopefully get through it. She may also be looking into getting some meds. She is so strong. She's amazing.

So then that brings us to today. Because of all the craziness that has gone on this week, we weren't able to actually get much proselyting done. But with what little we did, here's the update!

Our progressing investigators consist of Kent, Gene, Macey and Olivia at the moment. Gene and his family came to church Sunday and loved it (Btw, I gave a talk in church on Liberty and Freedom from a spiritual perspective. It turned out really cool if I do say so myself). Kent is going to try and come in 2 weeks, when he finally has work off. We have lost contact with many of our potential and non-progressing investigators because of this past week but we hope to pick everything up again this week.

Kent: He's doing awesome. We had an incredible member-present lesson with him on Wednesday with Brother Scott. We were able to answer all his questions and Brother Scott was amazing.

Gene and his 2 daughters (Macey [10] and Olivia [9]): They are all doing fabulously! They loved church and they are excited to come to church next Sunday. They have really felt the spirit and have already commited to baptism. I have faith that he will be baptized within the next month or 2. :D

As for your email:

I CAN'T WAIT FOR PICS!!! I am so excited to see my room. Tifenn: as agreed, you have full reign to decorate it however frenchie you'd like. :) I look forward to seeing it. Along with that, I LOVE YOU TIFENN!!!! I miss you so stinkin much! How are you? Can you email me? I would love to hear from you. Did you get my letter? I sent it awhile ago. Are you happy to be back in Utah? Tell me everything! I miss you so much! Did I mention that?

It's so crazy that it's cooler here than over in Utah! It's only been in the 80's and 90's. It hasn't even felt very hot this week. It's rained nearly every day so that's cooled things off quite a bit. I love the rain.

Congrats to Mandy on getting set apart and Congrats to Flower for finally getting into the temple!!! I am so proud of all my family! :D

I think that's pretty much all this week. I love you all so much and look forward to hearing from you next week! 

Love eternally,
Sister Thorne
 Sister Pack and I in Sister Braedon's (the member we stayed with) gorgeous gold Mustang. She went to a lesson with us. We drove back home with the top down. Fun!
 The angry, greenish sky.
  Sister Pack and I in the hospital
A gorgeous sunset. I thought of Mom and Brit. 

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