Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013

Hey Thorne Fam!

Anyway, this past week and 2 days has been very crazy and very busy but so much fun! We continue to receive more and more revelation that LA's are where we are to be focusing our work. All of our investigator appointments would fall through but we got 8 LARC's (the weekly mission standard is 4)! So that is just more proof to me that that is where we need to be focusing.

As for investigators: Tung, Kat, Sandy, Erin and Abdullah are progressing.

Erin came to church!!!! Emily, a RC gave her a ride and they really connected. She was going to try and come to institute on Tuesday but she got strep throat really badly and couldn't make it. But I believe she is planning on coming to church next Sunday. She is reading from the Book of Mormon and last week we watched the Testaments with her. She really really loved it and you can see her testimony beginning to grow. We talked about baptism and she said it is something she will pray about but she didn't want to set a specific date on anything yet.

Tung canceled on us for our Saturday appointment but he is still reading bit by bit and going through the pamphlets. We finally got him a Vietnamese book of Mormon and we will be giving that to him this Saturday at our next appointment.

Kat is doing well as always. She was actually in Lexington this past weekend but she's home and still counting down to October!

Abdullah is also awesome. He can't understand his book of Mormon much so we got him an Arabic one when we were in Louisville at transfer meeting. We will be meeting with him soon to give him that.

We also had a miracle on the front of LA's. We have been visiting with LA Robert Hamm since the first week of last transfer. His reason for not coming to church was a ride and then when we said we could provide one he just said no. So we've been slowly but surely working with him all transfer. Getting him to read in the Book of Mormon and pray and such. Well, this past week, Sister Saunders had the inspired idea to talk about the priesthood. He has the Aaronic. We asked him if he wanted the Melchizedek and he said yes. We told him how much we love him and that we are just here to help so how could we help him accomplish this goal. He said, "Well, I could start going to church. Do you think you could get someone to give me a ride?" Sister Saunders and I just started to glow! We couldn't have been more happy! So he is coming to church this next Sunday. WOOT!
In other news: I have a new companion!!!!! Her name is Sister Sperry, from Sandy, Ut. She just turned 19 a month ago, so still very much a youngin. She played rugby and lacrosse at UVU for a year before she came out. She is 5'5", blond, blue eyed and just completely adorable. She is going into exercise science but loves the U! Go Utes! She is a hard worker, very close to the spirit and already loves being a missionary. She loves to talk but is still a very amazing listener. We've already basically become best friends. :)

So, the mirror Erin story. It is a fun one. So basically, 3 days before we were getting new carpet, our big, beautiful mirror in our bedroom fell and shattered all over the old carpet. I personally think it was the angels, for reasons I will explain later. We didn't see it happen, just heard it across the apartment. So we spent 30 min cleaning it up and vacuuming as many shards as possible. We then put the vacuum away and 3 days later got new carpet. But we realized that we didn't want to use the vacuum on the new carpet as it still had pieces of glass stuck in it. So while the carpet was still being laid, we went outside and took apart the vacuum to get all the glass out. As we were finishing up, Erin came out and started to smoke on our front porch. She looked at us funny (with vacuum parts spread around us) and asked what we were doing. So we went over and talked to her and ended up talked for about an hour and a half. She's had a rough life but is very strong. She has a firm belief in Christ and is looking for a religion out here. And so we started teaching her. We have grown really close since then and she is like my little sister. I just keep thinking (since she's 18 and a freshman) that I want to treat Erin like I would want Britney's neighbors to treat her. So yep! That's Erin! It was a miracle how everything worked out that we met her when we did. Timing was truly key. And He made it all work out. Trust in the Lord's timetable! 

Some quick comments about your email:
1) What's Ephraim's Rescue?
2) Good muscles Brit! You move those stairs!
3) Is Bri pregnant and I didn't know?!?!?!
4) As for my Dina: WHAT?!?! My baby!!!! She can't die!
5) Loved all the pics! Thanks! 

I'm so so sorry I didn't get Brandon or Mandy's letters written. Monday was really crazy with getting Sister Saunders ready to go and preparing for Sister Sperry. I will get them written next Monday. Promise. 
And....*drum roll*..... I GET TO GO THROUGH THE TEMPLE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't even tell you how happy I am!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!! So yes. Very excited. President wants all the missionaries to go through and see the new movie. :) :D :DDD
As for my thought for this week: as it is the first week of transfer, I have been thinking about what I want my transfer theme to be about. I can't remember if I told y'all about my transfer theme's so I'll tell ya anyways. I have had a theme or motto for each transfer. First transfer was "The Glue of the Spirit hold everything together" it's a quote from Sis Earl. Second transfer was "Lord, give me mountains to climb" and that one is from my favorite EFY song out here. (That was the Sis Junk and Deacon transfer) Third was "My God is my strength" from Alma 26:12. Last transfer was "Hope on. Journey on. Love on." A quote from Elder Holland. So I've been pondering on what I want this transfer to be and I think I've decided. "Pray Always" from D&C 10:5. So that is my challenge for you all. This transfer I am going to try and build my personal relationship with my Heavenly Father and my Savior. I would invite each of you to pray, more than you even do now, so that you may "come off conqueror, yay, even conquer Satan".  

I love you all so much! Have a great week! I will talk to y'all on Monday! 
Loves eternally,
Sister Thorne
 Erin and Sister Saunders
 Our awesome district! Top row: Elder Roskelley, Elder Allen, Elder Gaither, Elder Lowe. Bottom row: Sister Jensen, Sister Anderson, Sister Thorne, Sister Saunders
The Amish at our Blood Drive. Similar to Baptists at our BBQ but not quite the same.
Sister Sperry and I the very first minute we met. CUTE!
Saying hello to Sister Sperry!

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