Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014

(Her sister Britney opened her mission call on Friday night. She will serve in the Uruguay Montevideo mission reporting to the Argentina MTC on July 17th. A ward member from Shannah's mission texted me on Saturday evening to find out where Britney's call was because Shannah couldn't wait any longer!)

My dearest Thorne Fam,

Oh my goodness. I can't stop crying! Gosh darn you Britney!!! I want to begin by saying how grateful I am. I can't stop crying because I can't believe the miracles the Lord has been able to create in my life. Britney, I started my mission hoping and praying that you would go. A year ago today, I sat with Sister Earl and told her how I had no idea how the Lord would work it, but that I KNEW you were supposed to serve. I just knew it. But I didn't know what I could do about it because it had to be your decision. She said, and I will never forget, "Pray for her. Be an example. And she'll know what to do." From that day forward, every time the thought has entered into my head, "I just want to go home." (And it has entered multiple times) I have told myself, "Sister Shannah Thorne. If you expect your little sister to serve a mission. You had better by darn be able to do it too." So I would pick myself up and keep going. Britney, you have been my inspiration, my rock, my happy thought, and some days, my only reason to keep going. I love you. I hope you are able to feel the spirit testify to the depth of that love as you read that sentence because there is no way that I can convey it. I love you. I am going to miss you terribly my lil sis. But I KNOW just as well as you that you are going to change SO many people's lives. I am so so so very proud of you. You go girl. Knock their socks off. :)

As for my email: Is it seriously already week 4 of this transfer??? I can't believe that time has flown by so fast! I can hardly believe that it's already 1/3 of the way through March! Time truly is a fickle creature, but thankfully, the Lord is Master of it. :)

As for me: 
This week was both very good and very stressful. The week started out absolutely wonderful! We worked hard, didn't see much success, but we didn't let it get us down. We just kept on keepin on.

Then on Friday I started not feeling well. About half way through the day I got an awful migraine and upset stomach. It continued on through to Sunday night. So far, it hasn't surfaced today which is nice. So that made things difficult, but we kept on working and on Saturday we saw so many miracles! We were feeling a little discouraged because we have done so much tracting and finding and hadn't found a single new investigator. So on Saturday we decided to start visiting potentials. We began with that and 3 said they weren't available now but would love to talk and gave us return appointments!!! :D So we've decided to try and focus a bit more on that this week.

As for this area; we have 4 progressing. Gabe, Tracy & Josh, and Debbie.

Gabe's baptism is this Friday!!!! :D We have it all planned and good to go! We are meeting with them tonight to finalize everything. He had his interview this past week and passed. He's such an amazing, smart kid. And it's incredible to see that change happening in his family. Kassie (his mom) is so much happier. She is lighter and her and all the kids have such a brighter home. I love this gospel!!!!

Debbie we had an awesome lesson with this past week. She had some really good questions about the Plan of Salvation, especially about the Fall and angels. We weren't able to answer them adequately so we studied this past week and we are talking with her more about that tonight! I'm really excited about that because we had an awesome District Meeting on using the Book of Mormon in all we do (so I studied the Fall in the BoM and got some cool insights) and then Gospel Principles was all on the Fall so I got some awesome insights there! Can't wait to talk to her tonight!

 As for your email:
1) YOU HAD BETTER EMAIL OR WRITE ME SOON BRITNEY OR SO HELP YOU....... Anyways, I can't wait for you to go through the temple!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU! 
2) Brandon, I want to hear about your field trips! 
3) Josh, Good going all around! Keep at it on the piano. You'll be better than me by the time I get home! 
4) Manda-lou! YOU LOOK SO GORGEOUS!!! I can't even believe it! You are growing up so fast and I am so proud of the woman you are. Write me soon okay??? *secret handshake* 
5) The mural took my breath away! It's so pretty! 
6) Yes, Sister Baldwin is an STL. 
7) I don't recognize Logan Daynes.... could you send me a pic? 
I love you all so much! I wish I had more time! But there are hearts to change and souls to save!
Love always,

Sister Thorne
 Celebrating my 1 year mark with delicious ice cream!
Ready for bed after a fabulous day of celebrating 1 year of missionary service.
 Our main activity this week. But at least they are gorgeous doors!!! :D
 This is Rapunzel's house. And this is my adorable Rapunzel. Posing for her adorable house. :)
 Our apartment. Cozy but nice!
My reaction after hearing about my sister, Britney's, mission call to Uruguay!

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