Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hello Thorne Fam!

Hello from beautiful Kentucky where it's finally turning green and the sun has decided to show it's face! This week has been a long, difficult but really amazing week. The work has hit a bit of a bump, but it's soon to be overcome. :) General conference is going to be miraculous. I just know it. Things are going to work out. :)

As for me, I am doing fantastic! I got very sick on Thursday and it's still lingering, but it's slowly going away. Thank goodness! I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord.

We don't currently have any progressing investigators. No Debbie has not come to church yet. Josh is Tracy's husband, they got married last August. Mikaela is someone Sis Peterson and Sis Smith found but they were never able to work out schedules and actually sit down to teach a lesson. She canceled this past week, but we are meeting with her this week and will get Sis Graves to come and are going to get her to watch conference in a members home. :) That brings me to our conference plans! It's going to be an amazing miraculous weekend! We have 2 different investigating families that we will watch 2 sessions with (one each in a different members home). We will also be watching a session with the Azondoga family (LA we're working with). The last session is the only one up for debate. It will either be at Debbie's house or at Sheryl's (new investigator) house. I am thinking it will most likely be at Sheryl's. So we have a ton of fun plans it it's all about staying on top of everything to make it all work out. :) Also, just so you know Daddy, everyone we're planning to watch conference with I have made sure to tell them that I WILL be pointing out my Daddy. :) They are all super excited to watch for you! I'll see you Saturday! Can't wait!!! :D This will be my last conference as a missionary and by far, the best. :)

As for your email:
1) CONGRATS MANDY!!!!!!!!! I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!! Good going girl! Enjoy your time in Madrigals. :) It was a year I will never forget! Make sure to take pics and tell me all about Prom!
2) Hey Brit! Sounds like you're doing great! How's the temple? :) Also as a sidenote, Manda-lou, I am very proud to say you are looking more and more like Brit every week I see a pic of you. Every single time I think Wow. She is absolutely stunning. That's my gorgeous girls! Keep rockin those pretty smiles and that incredibly Light of Christ that MUST draw everyone to you. :)
3) Congrats on the bikin Brandon! You go dudie! And love you so much Josh! Sounds like everyone is doing so well!!!
4) I also watched the General Women's Broadcast. I kept getting goosebumps. :) My main thought throughout the entire thing was, "How can anyone say that women are oppressed in our religion?" That has been a huge thing the past few months in my mission. I have met probably at least 5-10 women who have either left our church or who won't investigate anymore simply because we don't have the priesthood and are "lesser" than men. But as I sat in the stake center, I couldn't help but beam as I felt the power of being a women and part of such an amazing work. :)
5) Can't wait to see family pics! Hope you got my good side. ;)
6) Good job on all your reading Mom! I have indeed read Divergent and also the second (I believe it's insurgent?). I just found out about the movie this past week from the Azondoga girls and nearly had a heart attack! That had better be on my list when I get home! I hope they do a fantastic job with it! And I'll also have to read the third book. I've heard it's amazing!

To end, I would really like to try and include a spiritual thought. It may be a bit shorter, but I feel it's important. And this week, I realized that I never answered your question, Mom, about Matthew 9. I think you asked it a couple months ago. And I spent like 30 minutes studying it out this morning and I think I figured something out. You asked about the seeming inconsistency between Matthew 9: 14-17 and the JST Matt 9:18-21 and where the two pieces fit together. I enlisted Sister Smith and this is what we came up with. Take a look back at it and see if this makes sense. (Also if you want to read Jesus the Christ has some cool insights about this story it's pages 195-197 in my version) I think that first John the Baptist's disciples came up and asked their question about why they fast but Jesus's disciples didn't fast. I think Jesus then answered them in vs. 15 about fasting after the bridegroom leaves, not while he is currently with them. Then, the Pharisees (being their snide little selves and of course wanting to find any instance to find fault with Christ's teachings) asked Jesus why He didn't accept their baptism seeing that they keep the whole law (JST Matt 9:18) To which Jesus also replies in JST explaining that He is bringing about a new law to fulfill the old one. I then think that He, wanting to further explain this subject, decided to use 2 different parables about cloth and wine bottles. Basically because these 2 parables would answer both the Pharisee's and John's disciples' questions. The point of all of this is that Jesus came, not to try and repair what was lost or broken of the old law, but to fulfill and give a new and everlasting law. As I have studied Christ's teachings, I have realized that the law that He taught is higher, it is more difficult, but it provides the more blessings. What an incredibly opportunity we have to consecrate our lives and all that we have so that the Lord can make of us a beautiful work of art. :) I am so grateful for the high law of Christ and the incredible blessings that He so mercifully gives us with it. :) Does that make sense Mom?

Anyway, sorry it took me so long to answer that one. Love you all so much! Have a great week!!!

Love always,
Sister Thorne
 We went to Jill's house (a member) for dinner and that's where we ate the gigantic burrito's. She is such a sweetie and I consider her a big sister. I love her so much! This is me, Sister Smith and Jill.
 So.... I'm a complete blond and I walked behind the AP's car, holding a box and completely forgot that there is a bike rack attached to their car. Guess who has 2 thumbs, a huge bruise and biffed it head over heels over the bike rack? This sister! The bruise still hasn't left. :P
 Had this cool idea for a picture today. I wanted to take it in memory of Grammy. Turned out really cool. :)
We saw this car on the way to emailing and my first thought was JH, that MUST stand for Joseph and Hyrum. They must be Mormon! I feel like this should be a "you know you've been a missionary for too long when..." joke...

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