Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014

Hey Thorne Fam!

I LOVE GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!! Oh my goodness! It was so amazing and I received so many different spiritual insights. I think my favorite was Elder Holland, Pres Uchtdorf and Elder Anderson. I love the idea of having an attitude of gratitude and of making sure that we stand strong and courageous, albeit gracefully, for our standards and values. So much learned. Although it was also a very frustrating weekend for us as well. We had 3 different investigators planned to watch it, 2 in separate members homes and all 3 canceled. One of them watched some the day before, but when it came to Sunday, everything fell apart. I was very frustrated. But then as I listened to the talks, I was reminded that we need to trust in the Lord. I am trying to be exactly obedient. I am putting in my part. I am working hard all day every day. I just need to trust in Him and He will fulfill His promises. A good reminder. :)

As for investigators: we have one progressing, Sheryl. She's a cute old lady (in her 60's) who Sister Smith and Peterson found in the Walmart parking lot. We got her to watch a part of conference but she told us that 2 hours was too much for her to commit to and she wasn't that invested yet. Grarg........ but she will come around. Tracy and Mikaela both backed out on us for conference. Mikaela is apparently moving out of her boyfriends house. We don't really know why. She never texted us back. So we're not really sure what's going on. We did find 4 new investigators!!!! Heather (mom of 3 boys found contacting), Christopher (came up to us at Sheryl's apartment and asked if he could come to church), Christian (found prayer approach tracting), and Gail (a referral we received Saturday from a member). Things are starting!

1) Brit! I have some specific things for you that I learned at GC. There are 2 specific things we were told to look for in the temple and since I can't go, I wanted to tell you to look for them 2 different times when you go! First, Elder Anderson told us to look for the different patterns of life we are given from Adam and Eve. Second, Elder Bednar talked about looking for the symbols of the Atonement in the temple. Hope those provide some good insights!
2) Elder Walker talked about learning about the conversion stories of our ancestors so I was wondering if Mom and Dad could talk to grandparents and see if they could get a story or two they could send me so I could see what I could learn!
3) HAPPY EARLY BDAY JOSH AND BRANDON!!!!!! I'll tell you again next  week too. :P Did Josh get his hat for his bday? I sent it a bit ago. Love you both so much!
4) Mandy, you looked stunning! I am so proud of you for being modest. :) Modest truly is hottest and that rule is so easy to bend on for dances. But I know that as you make that effort to be modest now, you will be more ready for temple covenants later. :) That's my girl!!!
5) I would really like to read My Name used to be Muhammad when I get home :)
6) I GOT TO SEE MY DADDY! And this was the first conference where I didn't cry! :D You looked awesome Dad. It was so much fun to see you. :) And Petey got a decent close up too! I was bragging about yall to everyone we talked to. :) Love ya!

My favorite thoughts from conference:
1) "Take heart. Pure Christlike love can change the world." -Elder Holland
2) "Those who face their fears with faith have courage as well." -President Monson quoted by Elder Nelson
3) "Words that are firm in information can be soft in spirit." -Elder Zwick (he came spoke here in Kentucky so I have a particular love for him!)
4) Here's my challenge for everyone. Elder Ballard told each missionaries family (specifically, of course all are included) that they need to study PMG and then email their missionaries each week with something they learned from it. So I would like to invite you all to read parts of PMG and I would love to hear about what the spirit teaches you. :)
5) "The gospel is not weight. It is wings." -Sister Stevens
Favorite overall talks were first and foremost, Elder Hollands and Elder Anderson's. I loved the ideas of standing and being courageous. I have definitely felt as Elder Holland described. It has not been easy. But it has been worth it! Next was President Uchtodorf's. I just LOVED his talk. I need to focus more on a constant, sincere attitude of gratitude all the time, not just when it's easy. I loved Elder Bednar's about loads as well. I have always defined missionary work as when the load is light and things are happening as you would envision them. But that is not right, we must always have loads because they help us to grow. It's about knowing which loads are necessary and getting rid of those that are not. Finally, I love Elder Ballard's because as he was describing his thoughts of dating compared to missionary work, I just knew that that was totally going to be me. I'm totally going to be that weird missionary that can link anything to PMG when get home. Oh gosh.... I swore I would never get that weird. But it's kind of fun. :)

Gotta run! Love you all!

Love always,
Sister Thorne
 Just tracting on a blustery day in Kentucky. We have had some crazy weather this week! But I guess tornado season is upon us. :)
 I learned how to knit!!!!!! Yes, I feel like I've officially graduated to Old Grandma status. But I think it's legit. And I taught myself.
Guess who?!?! We were watching the World Report in between conferences with the Azondoga's and all the sudden I recognized some bright red dresses and a certain person conducting a certain choir. It took me a split second and then I completely flipped. It was fun to get to see my old choir! Welcome to world wide television U of U Institute Choir! 
Another you know your a missionary when joke. I saw this and said, "I didn't know the Law of Chastity had a direction." Sister Smith replied with, "Well maybe it's being broken in that direction." haha! It's totally fitting because we were in the one ghetto neighborhood of our whole area. Missionaries. :)v

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