Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

Hey Thorne Fam!

So... this week has been a really big one for me. Very very very long story short. I had a lot of repenting that I needed to do that I wasn't really even aware of. But thankfully I got to talk to President Woodbury Wednesday during interviews and he was very loving and helped me through everything. Since then, I have set a new standard for myself in exact obedience and in humility and complete honesty with the Lord and myself. Repentence is not something to be ashamed of, it is a blessing we receive because our Savior paid the price. I am working on my relationship with the Lord and am slowing being built up as a new Sister Thorne. I really do feel all new. Especially since taking the sacrament yesterday. My testimony of repentance, church attendance and the Atonement have deepened in ways I thought I would never understand. As well as, of course, my testimony of exact obedience. :)

Since Wednesday and my new resolution to be exactly obedient, we have seen at least a miracle a day! Wednesday evening, we met a new investigator named Drew who we started talking to and essentially taught the entire L1 to, gave a book of Mormon and committed him to read it. He wouldn't give us a number or return appointment specifically, but he said we could drop by again! Then on Thursday, we had a busy day, worked out a ton during weekly planning (more on that later) and then had our service at the forum. We got back at 8:30 that night to finally get a bite to eat, but something wasn't right. I felt so strongly that we had missed someone. There was someone that Heavenly Father still needed us to find. But we weren't going out tracting again so I got on my knees and asked Him and felt very strongly that it was a mom. So I got our potentials out and started calling. 4 pages later, I met Jenny. She is so amazing and a single mom of 2. She was so stressed right then and I said a prayer with her and promised that God knew her by name. We are calling her again this next Thursday to meet with her soon. The spirit was so strong. Saturday we went to go meet Sheryl and she couldn't meet but gave us a referral to her neighbor, Diana who we then taught L1 and set a bap date with! Miracle! Then yesterday we went to Easter with an investigator who is SUPER involved in his church and would only agree to pray about reading the Book of Mormon. As we talked with him, he said that he had prayed about it and he was going to start reading it this week! Miracle! Then also on Sunday, we met with a LA Bro Pentinga and his cute girlfriend Carole and her daughter Sophia. Carole and Sophia aren't members, but we had an awesome lesson on the Introduction to the Book of Mormon and committed them all to read it together each day. Miracle! Then, over the weekend, we had a LA that had started ignoring us contact us again and ask if she could meet with us. She is going through a really hard time and needs help. We met with her this morning and she is coming to church this Sunday! And her sister (who she is living with and is also LA) said she works this Sunday but would like to try and come back next Sunday. And her sister's husband (non-member) said that if people of our church are so willing to so quickly come to Sister Summers aid then we "just might have a convert on our hands." AH! Miracle! There are so many miracles yet to come. :D

So one thing I am doing daily right now (and Brit, I would GREATLY encourage you and all of your missionary friends to start doing this) is to get a white handbook and start reading it. Read it again and again and again and again. I'm reading it every morning. Then commit yourself today to be exactly obedient and to never bend on any of those rules. Even if you can't understand why that rule is important or can't see what might be the problem if you broke it, I promise it will not only affect you, but everyone around you and others will be kept from the gospel because of you. I KNOW that exact obedience brings miracles. So please please please, any missionary or future missionary who reads this, please do that. It will save you so much heartache. 

Anyway, as of right now, we don't have any progressing investigators, but as you can see, we have a lot happening. A lot of seeds beginning to grow. I have no doubt that we will continue to see more miracles as this week goes on. :)

As for your email:
1) I love you Manda-loo! From, Sister Thorne (Mom, don't delete this.) ;)
2) You didn't have to send me an Easter package mom! Aw! Thanks! :D The family picture looks SO cute and I feel honored to be included. :) That's my eternal family!
3) Chris is no longer getting baptized May 10th because we lost contact with him this week and haven't taught him the Word of Wisdom yet. But it will all work out!
4) I didn't know about Gma Kathy and the derby! I would love to hear that story!
5) hint hint to grandparents!!! Calling all grandparents! Sister Thorne needs conversion stories of ancestors! haha :) Love you!
6) Sounds like everyone had a crazy busy fun week! I love you all so much! More to come next week!

Love always,
Sister Thorne
 Because of an increase of meetings downtown this month, Sis Smith and I have needed to start conserving on miles. So.... we started taking the bus!!!! Louisville has an awesome bus system called Tarc (Transit Authority of River City). We have already met some very interesting people on there and every time we get on I get flashbacks of heading to the U for a day of classes. Super weird. But really fun! So this was our first bus ride together. :)
 We bought each other Easter gifts. heehee we're adorable. :) So here's us about to open them!
My Easter gifts from my dearest Sister Smith. She also got me the bracelet with the heart and horseshoe charm. She spoils me. :) I'll just have to up my workouts. :P

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