Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28, 2014

Hey Thorne Fam!

Another week has flown by and boy have we worked hard! It has been such a crazy roller coaster week but as we sat Sunday night and reflected on all that we accomplished this past week, we realized how many miracles we have seen. We haven't been perfect, but we've been progressing and because of that, the Lord has blessed us. What an amazing testimony to be gaining and experience to be living! I love being a missionary!

So this week we were blessed to find 5 new investigators! We went tracting many an hour and they are very precious indeed to us. The first is Whitney Coats. We found her 3 weeks ago by contacting in a neighborhood and she told us to give her a call after Easter to schedule a meeting so we did! We taught L1 with Sister Brown last Tuesday and it went amazingly! She was so receptive and Sister Brown was the perfect match for her. They got along amazingly and we will be meeting with them again this Thursday as well as meeting with Whitney's husband, Buren so that he can be involved. They have 3 adorable kids ages 5, 3 and 1.

Then we picked up Jennifer again! Her and her husband, Andrew have been taught for quite a while, but they just don't seem to want to commit nor is it easy to meet with them because of their crazy schedule's but we will be meeting with them tomorrow and Sister Mumford should be coming with us.

Next we had a very interesting experience with Drew's family. We met Drew a week or two ago and dropped in on him again and met his parents, little brother and sister's fiancé. Apparently they are all very Baptist and his dad, Andy tried to bible bash with us. But we just kept bringing it back to our personal testimony and them reading the Book of Mormon. It was very very spirit led and the fiancé, Josh, seems really interested. He had a lot of really good questions and has had a lot of Mormon friends. So we will be dropping by on them again after derby!

Then yesterday, we were tracting and found Steve! We began with the prayer approach and then moved into giving a brief L1. He committed to reading the Book of Mormon intro and testimonies and then we will meet with him next week to discuss it and start teaching his wife, Bridget as well! I love the prayer approach. :)

Also for this week, we got 3 LA's to church! Sister Summers was so very kind and came to church for the first time in years and really loved it. She met with bishop and is on her way to becoming active again! She is so sweet! Then, Bro Pentinga came, but Carole (Non member wife) slept in sadly. But he still came on his own! And he stayed for all 3 hours for the first time and really enjoyed it too. :) Finally, the Azondoga girls came. They haven't been to church since Christmas because of Sis Azondoga's work schedule. But she didn't work Saturday night so they came Sunday! They got there late and had to leave early, but it was a step. :) Also, we met a new PM family that no one knew on the roster, the Youngs. They couldn't talk to us then but told us to come back next Sunday to talk more and they were super nice! Then Rachel is active in her new callings as Ward Missionary and Gospel Essentials teacher! She is absolutely amazing and progressing rapidly. :)

Finally, we got back in contact with Mikaela and Gail and have an appointment with them next week! Mikaela's will be in the Grave's home and Gail will be at her own house. What a miracle to be able to finally get down and talk to them both again. :)

As for your email:
1) We still haven't gotten in contact with Jenny again, but we are going to drop by her house. Sheryl isn't progressing right now and really just needs friend so we are just going to drop by and see her every other week. Carole and Sophia we met with on Sunday with Bro Pentinga and the Storms and had a great lesson with them on 1 Nephi 2. Sis Summers is divorced. It's her sister's husband that is interested. I know confusing. :P
2) I did get the package and I LOVE the skirts! So... funny story about sending home the Christmas skirt. It was like my most favorite skirt to wear and then the STL's did a training on how our skirts need to be long enough to cover our knees because that is handbook rules and we will receive blessings as we obey that. As I was pondering, I found myself trying to justify keeping those 2 skirts that I sent home and realized that that justification right there meant that they needed to be sent home. So I did. I look forward to going home and being able to wear the 2 that I sent. They're cute! haha But the 2 you sent me are long and perfect! I love them so much! I also got the flash drive. I'll be sending you the one I have within the next week or two. :)
3) Sister Smith and I also helped with a theatrical performance this week! We volunteered at Stopher Elementary to help them with costumes and set up for their play Aladdin. We got to meet a lot of the PTA moms who go to SouthEast Christian and later, Sister Clifford (the one who invited us to help out) said that the moms are still talking about how awesome it was that we were willing to help. Then on Saturday, we tracted into one of the moms, Robin! And she said that now wasn't a good time but that we could come back later to pray with her! I'm sure it's because her heart was softened by our service. Serve like Christ! Full of love!
4) Sounds like everyone else is doing great! I love you all so much! Have a fantastic week!

Spiritual thought: Mosiah 2:17

Love always,

Sister Thorne
 A cardinal sitting in the branches of a dogwood tree. I love Kentucky in the spring. :)
 2 weeks before derby they have a hot air balloon race as the sun sets. Derby is so awesome! And there is so much more to it than just the actual race. I had no idea. Speaking of, Derby will be this Saturday and Oaks (the race for Phillies instead of the actual horses) will be Friday. It should be a crazy week! All the kids have school off Friday, it really is like a holiday to the people round here.
 My easter outfit! Thanks so much mum! I love it! And of course, me being my crazy self. :)
Please send this pic to Grandpa Ralph. That barn made me think of him and I really wanted to sit down and draw it. But I didn't have time of course, so I took a picture and would like to draw it when I get home.

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