Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014

Hey Thorne Fam!

What an amazing miraculous week we have had! We have truly seen so many miracles! 

So it began Monday night, I had been having a hard time with finding new investigators in this area and I was frustrated because it seemed that no one would even let us say a prayer with them! So this was my frustration and you know? God definitely has a sense of humor. Monday night we have dinner with a member and then are left with an hour of finding. A little back story, there's this one road, Oakhurst and for the past 3 weeks EVERY time we've prayed to know where we should go finding, that's the ONLY street that comes to mind. We had gone there at least 4-6 times. The last time we had gone there, we met the baptist preacher Aubrey. He was very kind, said a prayer with us and directed us to a member of his congregation, Pam, that was getting married soon that lived one street down and 2 maybe 3 houses in (gotta love Kentucky directions) and would probably love a prayer. So we went to that street and no one answered at the second house and the woman at the third house said she didn't know anyone by the name of Pam. So we left. Fast forward once again to Monday night. Once again, I felt we needed to go back to Oakhurst. So we decided to try the referral again. We knock on the second door in and a man answers. We say, "Hi! We are representatives of Jesus Christ and we've been sent to your home this evening to offer the Savior's peace and blessing through prayer. Could we say a prayer with you?" The man looks at us, puts his face in his hands and starts sobbing. We were both kind of taken aback. He looked up and said, "Girls, you don't know what you've just gotten yourselves into." He then proceeded to tell us that his 24 yr old daughter, Ryan was hit by a cement truck and killed a month ago. She's his only daughter. They have one son who is kind of holding the family together. The Mom is turning against God and the Dad was just hurt. We came in and talked for a while, said a prayer with him and offered to give him a Book of Mormon. He told us that his boss is actually Mormon and he had a copy of the Book of Mormon and had actually read a little in it! We set up to meet with him again on Thursday.

Next morning, we have an hour before our appointment so we pray about where God needs us and he directs us to try and find this LA that I hadn't heard of before. So we go to the street and... the address doesn't exist. "Grarg", I thought. So we are driving out of this circle and I see a man raking his leaves and think, "Talk to EVERYONE." So I stop that car and get out. Sister Minson said, "What are we doing?" "We're talking to that man." "What man? Oh... okay..." We go up and start talking, offer to say a prayer and he says, "Well, I actually have a really good friend who just lost his daughter, she was only 24 years old and was hit by a truck." Immediately Sister Minson and I look at each other like, No. Way. Sister Minson looks at him and says, "Is this Charley and Ryan?" "Yes... how did you know?" We told him the story of the night before and he collapsed in tears. We said a prayer with him and he told us how much he appreciated it.

Sister Minson and I discussed it later and decided that we were receiving Heavenly Referrals from Ryan herself. I'm sure that Ryan understand how much her parents and friends are hurting and she wants us to bring them comfort and the true Gospel of Christ. What an amazing miracle that we got to be a part of. I can't wait to meet her in heaven.

So we went to Charley's lesson on Thursday and it was SO spirit led. We all 3 cried and answered a lot of questions. Charley's biggest problem is his very catholic background. Because of those ideas, he wouldn't accept a specific return appointment but he did say that he would commit to continue the dialogue. I think it's hard for him to talk about everything that has happened. 

So yep! That was our miracle this past week! And this week, we already have 4 member presents set up and hopefully 2 will be in members homes. Miracles are happening! We just have to keep our eyes wide enough to see them and be worthy to play a part in them!

As for your email:
1) A TORNADO IN SYRACUSE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! No flippin way! I haven't even seen a tornado like that! And I'm in Tornado valley! Not fair! I always miss the fun. XP I'm also sorry about the Japanese Fan. :(
2) Love the pics! Brit totally looks like Hermana Thorne. You can already see the difference in her eyes as she's walking away. The mantle and calling has been set. She is truly a representative of Christ. :)
3) Did you really cry all the way home when I left? I never got to hear what it was like for you all the rest of that day. Story time? :)
4) I'm so sorry to hear about Steve and Nat!!!! Oh my goodness! Is there anything I can do to help??? A letter maybe?

Looks like an amazing exciting week for everyone! I love you all so very much and hope you have just as miraculous of a week this week! Keep on keepin on! There are miracles everywhere!

Love always,
Sister Thorne

 This is Squeakette. She's insane. XP
Random pics just because!

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