Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7, 2014

Hey Thorne Fam!

This week has been a little bit of a rough week. Sister Minson got really sick for the majority of it so we had to spend some time inside which just puts me in a really bad mood. So it was rough to get through, but we are done now so hopefully this coming week will be better and we will be able to work harder, have more fun and be extra good. :)

Our most progressing investigators right now are Misty, Judy, Claire and Debbie. Misty is still doing well. She's been slowly healing over the passing of her father and opening up to us more and more. Judy said that she would be open to coming to church with us once! So that should be good. We are going to try and get her to come next week. Claire is new. We are meeting with her for the first time tonight. I'll let you know how that goes. Debbie is very very slowly progressing, but she did read in her bible this week so that's good! Andrew and Jennifer are coming along. Jennifer is progressing much faster than Andrew. She has downloaded the Gospel Library app on her iPad and has started reading the BofM! So that is awesome too!

Other than that, we are just in a huge state of finding right now. I feel like we've been trying really hard to find those who are prepared, but we just haven't seen much luck at all. But I won't give up. That I can promise you. I'm no quitter. 

As for your email:
1) I can totally understand about Marsh. No worries. I don't want to stress everyone out. If it will be too difficult to do it that weekend, we can do it some other time or next year. Whatever works best for you all's schedule. I am excited that my first Sunday back will be the re-dedication though! That will be awesome!

2) Well, for the 4th of July, we began the day with District Meeting. All the missionaries wore red, white and blue and we had a GREAT training on Charity by Elder Benham. Then, we went out to lunch with the Willis's. They are moving to India this week so it was nice to get to say good-bye to them. Finally, we ended by going to the Ward Party at the Blackwell's! (Pics to follow) Basically the rules were to proselyte until 6pm. Then from 6 to the end of the night, be with members, but you don't have to be out proselyting. AND we didn't have a curfew! So we got to stay out and watch fireworks! It was SO much fun! Sister Minson got a big group of us in a circle and we played volleyball until late into the evening. I got sore! But it was still fun! So that was our 4th of July. :) Looks like yall's was fun too! 

3) Brit: good luck!!!!!! You will be an amazing missionary. Did you ever get my letter with my 15 things to do? Is there anything else I can help with before next week?

4) I've started on the gospels! I've got it worked out so that I will be done by the time I get home. I finished Matt 13 yesterday. Loving them! And I'm learning SO much!

Love you all very most!

Love always,
Sister Thorne
 This is at Andrew and Jennifer's and their little girl, Olivia decided to try and pile all her stuffed animals on top of me. We fit them all!
 Sis Minson crocheted a hun (from Mulan) hat for Merida! She's so talented!
 Lousiville 3rd 4th of July Party. So much fun! They had a bouncy toy (in the right corner) for the kids and a big huge field (behind me) for all of us to play on. They had soccer set up, a volleyball, softball+mits and other fun toys. It was such a blast!

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